Essential gadgets Singaporean drivers need for a good ride

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Phone holder

Phone Holder(Photo Credit: Woowits)

The thought of an LTA officer on your tail strikes more fear into the hearts of Singaporean drivers than pretty much everything else. Just watch every other car when The Man rolls up from behind-- parents start stiffening and muttering "seatbelt seatbelt, don't look behind okay" to their kids, to phones receding back in between thighs- you get the idea.

Live in fear no more! Yes, we get that some think its "obiang", but would you rather live in perpetual fear staring at your crotch trying to navigate with your phone's GPS?

The whole thing about a $1000 fine and/or jail up to six month sucks big time, but the thing is, it's not illegal to use your phone if it's mounted on your dashboard or a holder! The pros are endless. Gone are the days of breaking your neck trying to watch the GPS and the road at the same time, and fumbling over phone calls! Not to mention Facetime, texts, and if you're creative enough, a makeshift car camera!

These things typically fetch at $3 onwards. Now that's a deal!

Car camera

Screen Shot 2016 07 15 At 4(Photo Credit:

Speaking of car cameras, get one. Really, spending on one is really worth those bucks. Without it, you're pretty much vulnerable to insurance frauds, claims, accidents, and that helplessness when you want to record that dog running across the road to Beh Chia Lor.

Some are movement-sensitive, which means to say even if you're not in the car, it'll record whenever it detects movement. Guy keys your car? You got him. Someone crashes into your vehicle and drives off? Time to make claims. They typically range anywhere from $150 to $600, so there's one for every budget! Don't wait till you regret not getting one.

Cigarette USB charger

Cigarette Usb Lighter(Photo Credit:Scosche)

If you don't smoke, or you know, have a lighter, this thing will be used exclusively by curious kids. Repurpose it into a charging port instead! With a USB port, the world is your oyster. Phone died? Plug it in! Speakers died? Plug in an X-Mini! Need a lighter? Plug in a USB lighter! It's a little redundant, but what are the odds?

You can get these at around $10!

Mini vacuum

Mini Vacuum(Photo Credit: Philips)

Having a mini vacuum at hand just let's you sleep better at night. The possibilities really are endless, and really it's not just about food. Crumbs and other spills are a given, but the mighty handy vacuum deals with bugs, sand, and whatever all the weird stuffs drivers leave in their car.

You can get one cheap anywhere from $6-$30, and you're going to be glad when you clean up after something tissue and water can't reach.


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