8 Car Care Tips Every Responsible Car Owner Should Know

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Motorist Car Care Tips Every Driver Should Know(Photo Credit: Pexels)

Owning a car is a huge responsibility. Cars need love and care from responsible owners to keep them in good condition.

When car owners think about keeping their cars in good condition, they only think about washing and grooming their vehicles. Unfortunately, responsible car ownership extends beyond regular car washes, but instead encompasses something more – dedication.

With a well-maintained vehicle, not only is it safer to drive, but it can help us save money in terms of maintenance costs and expensive breakdowns. Here are eight car care tips every responsible car owners should know.

1) Clean Bird Droppings ASAP

Bird droppings on cars are more than an eyesore. They are also very acidic and can eat into your car’s paintwork. When that happens, your options are either a costly paint correction or full repainting of your vehicle.

If bird droppings land on your car, use wet wipes or water and tissue paper to clean the mess. You should always have these items in your vehicle after all.

Parking in a sheltered car park also prevents bird droppings from landing on your car. If you have to park in an open air car park, avoid parking under a tree or lamp post and use a car cover if necessary.

2) Ensure Your Car Lights are Always Working

Audi Lights(Photo Credit: Pexels)

Your car lights (both front and back) are important for obvious reasons. At night, they illuminate the road and make you more visible to other motorists. Believe it or not, the safety of yourself and other road users is quite dependent on your car lights at night.

If you need to turn on your lights manually, make sure you do so between the hours of 7pm to 7am, according to Singapore traffic laws. If you plan to change or modify your lights, be sure to install approved lighting so you won’t blind other road users.

3) Get a Quality Car Mat

Mercedes Car Interior(Photo Credit: Pexels)

Car mats are one of many essential items you should have inside your vehicle. A good car mat helps keep things like dirt, soil, and mud off your car’s carpet. They are also useful for keeping food particles and drink spillage off your carpet. Keeping a small handheld vacuum cleaner on board will be useful in cleaning up spills fast.

4) Send Your Car for Regular Servicing

Car Maintenance(Photo Credit: Pexels)

As a responsible car owner, you should always send your car for regular servicing. Important fluids like the engine oil and coolant are changed at the intervals recommended by the car manufacturer. It is also your duty to ensure that the brake pads and air filters are checked.

If you plan to do any modifications, be sure to follow the car’s maintenance guideline. That way, any damage to the engine or chassis can be prevented.

5) Use Rain-Repellent to Improve Visibility When Driving in Heavy Rain

Wet Car Window Windshield Windscreen(Photo Credit: Pexels)

Singapore is wet all-year round and it is impossible to avoid rain while driving. However, there are ways to manage it. There are different rain-repellents in the market that you can buy and apply on your windscreen to help improve visibility in the rain.

In these products, there is a hydrophobic element that helps keep beads of water away. Applying them on your headlights and taillights also keeps your car lens clear.

For those with a bigger budget, paint protection can be done on your car. This service protects your car from the elements and keeps in looking shiny, reducing the need for regular polishing.

6) Keep Track of Repair and Service Receipts

Invoices Receipts(Photo Credit: Pexels)

A responsible car owner always keeps track and files car-related receipts. That way, car workshops can always track what has been repaired and changed in your car.

These receipts can also improve and support your car’s value if you are looking to sell your vehicle. A prospective buyer can use the receipts to find out if your car has been well-maintained, and determined what parts have been changed.

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7) Tyre Care Matters

Mercedes Tyre(Photo Credit: Pexels)

Make sure all four car tyres are pumped to the recommended tyre pressure level. Tyres should also be professionally inspected to make sure they are aligned and roadworthy. In addition, they should also be replaced when worn out or after they have travelled 10,000km, whichever is earlier.

Running on worn out, over-inflated, or under-inflated tyres will affect the car’s performance, fuel economy and safety. Tyres are an integral part of your car, so keep them well-maintained for a peace of mind!

8) Don’t Leave Your Car Alone for Too Long, Start It Once in a While

Going on an extended holiday? You might want to have someone start your car once every few days. Disconnecting the battery is also a good idea. That way it won’t be drained by electrical appliances that are constantly kept on, like the alarm.

It’s also worth parking your car in a covered, safe and clean environment. This helps guard your car from unwanted pests and weather elements.

Do you have any other car care tips for responsible car owners that we have missed out? Let us know in the comments below!

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