LTA allows car owners to install OBU processing units on driver's side; NETS to provide free NETS Motoring Card to all motorists who install the OBU

Published by on . Updated on 3 May 2024

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The Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced today (2 May) that vehicle owners are allowed to install the processing unit for their ERP 2.0 on-board unit (OBU) in the driver’s footwell, although it is dependent on the car model. 

After feedback from early adopters of the new OBU system, LTA has made several changes to the OBU’s features and installation process to enhance user choice, convenience, and safety. 

One of the main concerns involves the location of the processing unit (previously recommended to be installed in the passenger footwell), which is widely regarded as too far away from the driiver to be used safely or easily. 

LTA now recommends that owners install the processing unit for the OBU in the passenger or driver’s footwell, but also recognises that this is subject to feasibility and safety considerations depending on the make and model of the vehicle. 

For vehicles in which the processing unit cannot be installed in either the driver or passenger’s footwell, owners will be able to opt for other locations within the vehicle, once again subject to safety considerations and technical feasibility.

LTA says it has also requested all dealers and importers to consult buyers of new vehicles on their preferred installation location of the processing unit and whether or not they want to install the optional touchscreen display. 

This latest announcement from LTA comes after a recent update of the OBU system to include an on-screen button to temporarily disable card payment so drivers need not reach over to physically remove their CEPAS card from the processing unit. 

However, LTA has recognised that some carparks do require physical tapping of the CEPAS card at the gantry and as a result has announced that NETS will provide a free NETS Motoring Card to all motorists who install the OBU. This is so that they can use this spare card to tap at the gantry while leaving their CEPAS card in the processing unit. 

LTA says it will continue to gather feedback from motorists, workshops and dealers to further improve the OBU’s user experience for all motorists.

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1714666930771 Img 0607 FotorThe OBU's processing unit could be installed here if your installer deems this location in the driver's footwell to be safe and feasible.

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Daniel Yeo
Is the OBU waterproof? If during heavy rain and we need to get in the car, will the OBU be damaged? Warranty includes water damage? What’s the warranty period, 10yrs (to coincide with COE expiry)?

27 days ago