E-Megavan enters the electric commercial-vehicle sector with eco-friendly and cost-effective mobility solutions for businesses

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Officially opened in March 2024, E-Megavan is an electric CV dealership which aims to redefine the way businesses approach mobility solutions in Singapore.

The debut of E-Megavan is part of the significant shift in Singapore’s automotive industry towards eco-friendly and cost-effective commercial transportation solutions. 

This is reflected in the company’s grand opening event, where the attendees - which included industry leaders, stakeholders, and environmentally-conscious consumers - checked out an impressive lineup of electric commercial vehicles. These range from delivery vans to cargo trucks, all designed to meet the diverse needs and unique requirements of modern businesses.

E-Megavan is said to symbolise a resolute commitment to reducing emissions and carbon footprints while delivering top-notch performance and reliability as a dealership, whose mission is to revolutionise the commercial vehicle market by offering a comprehensive suite of electric mobility solutions to businesses. 

Under the leadership of director Sean Ng, E-Megavan provides personalised customer service and expert guidance throughout the procurement process. The team of seasoned professionals wants to ensure client satisfaction and aspires to be a trusted partner for commercial enterprises exploring a seamless transition to electric mobility. 

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E-Megavan’s director Sean Ng stated: “With the rise of environmental consciousness and the increasing demand for energy-efficient alternatives, our dealership aims to provide businesses with a meticulously curated selection of electric vehicles. Our clients' satisfaction is our top priority. We are here to help them grow their business by providing top-notch electric mobility solutions and unparalleled support." 

E-Megavan is on Facebook and Instagram to keep everyone updated on latest developments and exclusive offers, and embrace a greener, more sustainable future for commercial transportation together. 

E-Megavan is located at 61 Woodlands Industrial Park E9, #01-36 E9 Premium, Singapore 757047.

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