BYD builds your dreams and also brings you discounts on EV charging rates in Singapore

Published by on . Updated on 20 Mar 2024

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In an industry first, BYD Singapore has partnered with Charge+, ComfortDelGro ENGIE, Shell Singapore, SP Group and Volt Singapore to offer cheaper charging to BYD customers who register their cars in 2024.

The customers have to choose their preferred CPO (charge point operator) from the first four in the list, which will offer a 20% discount on their prevailing EV charging tariffs, but they can also use the Volt charging network which offers a 5% discount to them and existing BYD owners too.

Charge+ started the discount scheme under this BYD tie-up in January 2024, while the other four CPOs will start theirs in April. 

James Ng, managing director of BYD Singapore, mentioned lower running costs at the announcement of this collaboration. Recharging an electric car today in Singapore is about half the price of refuelling an equivalent petrol car, based on average mileage and typical driving distance. Discounted charging will enhance this cost-effectiveness for BYD EVs newly registered this year. 

Goh Chee Kiong, CEO of Charge+, currently the largest CPO in Singapore, said it was not easy to pull all the charging operators together for this partnership with BYD. 

What would make this initiative stronger is to offer the 20% discount across all participating CPOs, without the qualified BYD customers needing to select just one, and to grant the same significant discount to existing BYD owners who collected their cars in 2023. Volt’s 5% charging discount is available to all BYD owners in Singapore and not just those who take delivery in 2024.  

Another related improvement, which would require government buy-in, is an upgraded “EV Charging Network” function in LTA’s MyTransport app to enable/manage the charging of an EV at any accessible charge point in Singapore, like the electricar equivalent of 

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1710558897754 Byd+Builds+Your+Dreams+And+Also+Brings+You+Discounts+On+Ev+Charging+RatesBYD Singapore MD James Ng (third from left) with senior executives from the five charge point operators at the signing ceremony.

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