Fellow Motorist: Derrick Lui, movie director, Oversteer

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Mr Lui, 47, is the talented, multi-tasking Singaporean creative who directed the local car-racing movie, Oversteer.

How long have you been a motorist in Singapore?

About 28 years!

What do you like about motoring in Singapore?

Our roads are clean and smooth, with no potholes. 

What do you dislike about motoring in Singapore?

COE! Many people need a car and can't afford it. I also dislike the many traffic lights, low speed limits, and speed humps.

When did you get your driving licence?

I got it on 13 June 1996, passed the test on my first attempt!

Remember your first car?

S13 Nissan 200SX. That’s why it is the hero car in Oversteer.

Tell us about your current ride and most memorable past rides. 

My current ride is a Suzuki Swift Sport. Before this, I have driven S13, S14, S15. I have also owned four Subaru WRX STIs over a 19-year period, all of which were memorable because they were highly modified, powerful and fast, with good handling.

What was the biggest challenge of directing Oversteer? And what was the greatest reward?

The biggest challenge was probably a lack of cash. With money, anybody can be a director, in my opinion. You can hire big-name writers, cast, crew, etc, and they will support you with their knowledge, skills and experience. 

When you have no budget, then it shows whether you can really direct, as you need to know every aspect of filmmaking and execute it well. 

Oversteer was made purely out of passion for cars and movie-making. We didn’t produce the show to make money. I gained lots of good friends in the process, such as the cast and crew. I also gained unbelievable support from our car community, and many of them are now my friends!

What are your favourite car movies of all time?

I like Initial D. I also like Fast & Furious from part 1 to part 3, especially Tokyo Drift. The rest of the series, though, like a car flying off a plane to continue racing on the road, is just ridiculous. 

With Oversteer,  we tried to go back to the basics. Everything you see in it is real. Real cars, real racers. We risked our lives all the time to shoot the car scenes. I really hope the audience can see and appreciate it.

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1709598282845 Fellow+Motorist+Derrick+Lui%2 C+DirectorOversteer director Derrick Lui (third from right) on set with his cast and crew.

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