New Peugeot E-2008 – more zing for the French lion king of electric crossovers in the Lion City

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Peugeot has replaced the e-2008 with the E-2008, which now has a big E in its name plus refreshed styling, improved performance and a revised cockpit.

The previous e-2008 made up one in three Peugeots sold in Singapore last year, so the successor has pretty big paws to fill. 

It starts off on the right paw with a stylish facelift. The front end appears wider, with vertical three-claw daytime running lights, three-module full LED main lights, and the latest Peugeot lion emblem. The dramatic three-claw lighting effect is repeated in the redesigned tail-lights. Furthermore, the reversing lights and indicator lights have been upgraded from bulbs to LED. The E-2008 also introduces two fresh exterior colours - Selenium Grey and Okenite White. 

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1709544116165 Peugeot E 2008 Fe 2305 Styp 301 FotorPeugeot i-Cockpit in E-2008 has better ergonomics than in e-2008.

In the electrical department, the E-2008 is significantly better than the e-2008, thanks to a bigger battery capacity (with 54 kWh versus 50 kWh), greater output (100kW / 136bhp / 270Nm versus 97kW / 130bhp / 260Nm), faster performance (0-100km/h in 9.1 seconds versus 10.1 seconds), and longer WLTP driving range (436 kilometres versus 345 km). 

The E-2008 is more energy-efficient, too, with average consumption of 14.1 kWh per 100km, compared to the e-2008’s 14.5 kWh per 100km. However, there is no change in the charging capability, with the E-2008 sticking to 100kW DC and 11kW AC. 

The Peugeot i-Cockpit in the E-2008 has been revised for better visibility behind the compact wheel and easier operation of the main controls. The 3D holographic digital instrument panel and 10-inch high-definition touchscreen continue to delight the driver in a futuristic manner, without being too advanced for everyday usage.

The funky French newcomer is priced at $153,888 including Category A COE and applicable rebates. 

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