Motormouth: Driving a supercar skilfully might require the same skill set as flying a fighter jet

Published by on . Updated on 6 Apr 2024

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Singapore Airshow 2024 got this driver thinking about the qualities he would need if he ever drives a supercar in anger. 

Fighter pilots are fighting fit. They are athletes in military uniform with outstanding physical and psychological attributes. 

These “Top Guns” are at the top of their war game and able to maximise the awesome airborne firepower at their disposal, so as to defend the sovereignty of their nation.

Supercar pilots, on the other hand, don’t have to be fit. In fact, they can be overweight and unfit, as long as they can get into the exotic cockpit and slot behind the exotic steering wheel. 

These rich guys are at the top of their wealth game, even though they might not be able to maximise the awesome roadbound performance at their disposal.

If I ever buy a supercar after cashing in my big-win Toto ticket, I would need to prepare more than just the payment - I would also need to prepare myself to become a supercar pilot. 

Because I don’t want to be the slow fellow with a fast supercar which performs so much better than the driver, who clearly has the finances but not the fitness to use a supercar properly.  

Therefore, I would have to subject myself to a tough training regime which includes lots of running, swimming and cycling, plus enough gym sessions for an elite squadron of fighter pilots. 

I also would have to train my brain with cerebral workouts, which would enable me to stay focused and composed behind the wheel of my supercar when it’s doing super things on both road and track. 

I would opt for a few rounds of Sudoka to sharpen my mind, but would probably give up after a few intense minutes because it would be too hard for me. Then I would try my hand at Rubik’s Cube, but again would have to throw in the towel when I start seeing stars of different colours. 

Eventually, I would probably settle on two “psychological” activities which will boost my brain power without killing too many brain cells along the way - Mastermind and Monopoly. 

As for the cardiovascular conditioning which will supercharge my body for supercar motoring, I would draw up a schedule to run, swim and cycle like a madman training for his first triathlon. 

Unfortunately, my ambitious plan would never work out, because I’m not mad enough, even if I were lucky/wealthy enough to get a supercar in the first place. 

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