Fellow Motorist: Christopher Kwek, president & founder, Skoda Club Singapore

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Mr Kwek, 38, is the passionate Octavia superfan who turbocharges his enthusiastic bunch of Skoda groupies to be one of the most active car clubs in Singapore. 

How long have you been a motorist in Singapore?

Sixteen years.

When did you get your driving licence? 

I got it in 2007. Passed the test on my first attempt. 

What do you like about motoring in Singapore?

On a small island like Singapore, the luxury of having a vehicle provides convenience and comfort for the families, especially those with kids. The motoring community that I’ve been involved with is mostly made up of like-minded peers who wish to make the motoring scene more exciting and fun.

What do you dislike about motoring in Singapore?

The unrealistic pricing system for COE has caused distress to all, particularly to young families and small businesses which need a car rather than want it.

Remember your first car?

Lancer EX, I got it in 2007. It only had an engine-mount issue in the six years I drove it.

Tell us about your Skoda.

I drove an Octavia Mk 3.5 for three years. I was so impressed with the car that I changed over to a newer model, the Octavia Mk 4.

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