Here are 5 top tips to save fuel and money!

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In today’s world of soaring petrol prices and increasing awareness around sustainability, the days of worry-free refuelling are over. Here are five of the easiest ways you can increase your car’s fuel efficiency to maximise your mileage and manage your environmental impact. 

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1. Ensure your tyres are inflated to the recommended tyre pressure

By inflating your tyres to the recommended pressure, you minimise unnecessary rolling resistance between your car and the road. Do note that overinflating your tyres can be unsafe as there is a smaller contact patch between your tyres and the road which leads to reduced grip levels.

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2. Ensure that you carry only what's needed when driving

It’s a simple law of physics. More mass requires more energy to move which means more petrol is needed to travel the same distance. By removing unnecessary items from your car such as unused bags, extra clutter, you can reduce the load on your car which means you’ll use less petrol, leading to better fuel efficiency and more savings in the long run.

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3. Ensure your car's alignment is straight and true

The alignment of your car refers to the way the wheels and tyres point when driving straight. The particular metric we’ll be looking at for this article is toe. Toe is how inwards or outwards your tyres point when the steering wheel is straight. 

Toe in means the fronts of the tyres are pointed into the centre of the car while toe out is the opposite. Having zero toe means the tyres are pointed exactly straight ahead. Alignments with too much toe in or out mean that even when driving in a straight line, your tyres will be scrubbing as they’re pointed in or outwards and you’d therefore be using additional petrol to overcome that scrub.

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4. Drive mindfully with an aim to save fuel

Contrary to popular belief, the constant application and release of the accelerator is not a fuel-saving tactic, instead it only makes your passengers nauseous and potentially uses more petrol instead. 

The best way to drive economically is to have a light but steady right foot to minimise overly enthusiastic throttle application. Keeping your engine RPMs low by using higher gears also means your engine isn’t burning as much fuel. When coming to a stop, lift off the accelerator early and let the engine braking slow you down as opposed to accelerating up till the last moment before braking. By applying gentle and smooth driving techniques, you can easily increase your car’s fuel economy.

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5. Ensure the best for your car - Use Caltex with Techron®

Caltex with Techron® is specially formulated and scientifically proven to clean and protect your engine. Caltex’s unique formula contains their Clean & Glide™ technology that removes dirt and prevents deposits from forming in your car’s fuel system. By making sure your engine isn’t all gunked up, it’ll be able to run more efficiently, saving you petrol, and giving you a smoother drive.

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If you’re going to be filling your car up with petrol anyway, you might as well fill it up with petrol that cleans and protects your engine so that you can drive further and for longer. Experience Caltex with Techron® today at your nearest Caltex station and feel the difference for yourself. 

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