What makes a motorist smile

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Motoring is such a joy, for different reasons depending on the motorist’s priorities in their life.

For motorists accumulating both mileage and happiness on the road, luck plays a part too.

Imagine washing the car and it doesn’t rain, your car can stay shiny for the rest of the day.

By another stroke of luck, you find the last unoccupied parking space in the public carpark for your car. You will feel even luckier if the parking space is near to the lift lobby or mall escalators.

Or when you hear your favourite song on the radio while driving. Be it a classic rock track or a catchy pop ditty to boost your motoring mood, the timely tunes are sure to add happiness to any road journey.

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More smiles per hour

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Fuelling up and enjoying rewards just got even more convenient with the enhanced Esso app! From keeping track of your Smiles points to redeeming rewards, you can now do more, all in one place.

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Whether you’re a new or existing Smiles member, the enhanced Esso app allows you to tap easily into smarter value. 

Earn Smiles points easily by using the Smiles digital card in the Esso app, track deals and stay on top of the latest rewards and offers, and redeem rewards like a foam car wash, Esso fuel vouchers and partner deals, anytime, anywhere.

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Special deals, lucky draws and members-only discounts are parked neatly in the app for motorists to discover. Finding your nearest Esso station is also easy with the station locator on the Esso app.

First-time Esso app users also enjoy up to $14 worth of welcome fuel eVouchers*. Simply download the app and login on the app and the welcome offer will be credited to your account immediately. This promotion is open to all Esso Smiles members whose membership is registered in Singapore.

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Not an Esso Smiles member yet? Start your Esso Smiles journey today by simply downloading the Esso app and registering for your Smiles account on the app itself.

*Terms and conditions apply. Find out more: https://bit.ly/4auSO7s

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