Skoda Club Singapore celebrates the festive season with friends, families and Far East Organization

Published by on . Updated on 27 Dec 2023
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One of Singapore's most active car clubs gathered at a Bukit Timah showflat for a year-end celebration of everything Skoda.

In yet another Skoda Club event driven by the brand’s mantra of “Simply Clever”, about 80 club members and 60 Skodas gathered at The Reserve Residences sales gallery in Upper Bukit Timah for a Christmas party sponsored by Far East Organization. The Skoda model range was well-represented by Octavia, Kodiaq, Karoq, Kamiq, Scala and Superb.

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The rainy weather didn’t dampen the participants’ festive mood, even though everyone would have preferred a miraculous snowstorm instead. The heavy rain also prompted the deployment of umbrellas, some of which were taken from the brilliant brolly-holders built into the front door panels of the Octavias, Kodiaqs and Superbs. It was a real-world demonstration of a really good Czech idea.

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Really good, too, was the dinner. The sumptuous spread included lovely log cakes, nice wine and delicious desserts. 

The partygoers were also treated to goody bags, a fun quiz and a lucky draw, plus the clubby camaraderie which always made such gatherings extra enjoyable. 

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Thanks to the efforts of the organising committee led by the zealous Skoda Club president Christopher Kwek, the prizes and souvenirs worth over $14,000 in total were as multi-faceted as the Kodiaq SUV. 

The variety of useful items included Sonax cabin care products, servicing vouchers, track-day discounts, coilovers from Conti Meister, a Maxton bodykit from Glatt Auto Kit, Vos Automotive bodystyling (dechrome or roof wrap), SparcoKids child seats, a 3D MAXpider car mat, 3D MAXpider trunk organisers, discounted alloy wheels, car licence plates/frames from Gary's Art & Sign, MTM workshop warranty packages, and even a Legion Of Racers racing simulator. 

Vouchers for waffles (by Delato Handcrafted Ice Cream) and baked goods (by Keong Saik Bakery) were also distributed for a sweet end to the event.

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