Going to Malaysia? You May Need a Vehicle Entry Permit Soon

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

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Vehicle Entry Permits (VEP) for vehicles entering Malaysia from Woodlands and Tuas Second-Link checkpoints may soon come into effect this year-end.

Malaysia’s Ministry of Transport is looking to finalise the system in October. The director-general of Malaysia’s Road Transport Department (RTD) Datuk Seri Saharuddin Khalid told a Malaysian news agency that the permit system is in its final phase of testing and he expects a full report on it before the Ministry finalises it.

Mr Saharuddin also added that, “this implementation does not put pressure on the neighbouring countries as it only involves our business and our borders”/

The VEP was supposed to be implemented at the start of the year, but it was postponed due to unresolved issues of vehicle entry requirements for Singaporean and Thai vehicles.

Under the system, all vehicles have to be registered online or at Malaysia’s RTD office. Each vehicle will receive a radio-frequency identification card. It was announced last year that registration would cost RM25 (S$8.26) with a validity of five years.

Once the VEP kicks in, all foreign-registered vehicles entering Malaysia through both checkpoints must have the tag affixed onto the vehicle. Such a system will also help prevent vehicles with unpaid fines from leaving Malaysia.

Separately, a RM20 (S$6.61) road charge fee will also be imposed on vehicles entering Malaysia from both checkpoints. The road charge fee has been place since November 2016.

In earlier news, motorists driving into Malaysia now only need to pay toll charges when leaving the country. Such a move would likely ease congestion at the checkpoints.

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yup pretty sure it'll be a good implementation to prevent vehicles with unpaid fines from leaving Malaysia ?

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