August 2018 COE Results 2nd Bidding: Premiums Fall Across All Categories

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020
Motorist Coe Results August 2018 2nd Bidding
In the 2nd COE bidding exercise for August 2018, COE premiums fell across all categories. COE Premiums for Cat A, B, and E closed at $31,997, $32,429, and $32,311 respectively.

At the close of the 2nd bidding exercise for August 2018, the COE premiums for Cat A (Cars up to 1600CC & 97KW) vehicles took a turn and drop by $1,801 – from $33,798 to $31,997.

Similarly, Cat B (Cars above 1600CC or 97KW) COE prices also went down, from $34,381 to $32,429 – a difference of $1,952.

As for Cat C (Goods vehicles & buses) and Cat D (Motorcycles) vehicles, premiums for both categories continue to fall. Cat C closed at $29,902, from $30,389, while Cat D finished at $29,902, from $30,389 earlier this month.

Lastly, for the Open category, which can be used for all types of vehicles except motorcycles, COE prices went down by $1,109, from $33,420 to $32,311.

Here’s a summary of the 2nd bidding exercise for August 2018.


Current COE premium
(August 2018 – 2nd Bidding)

Previous COE premium
(August 2018 – 1st Bidding)


A – Car up to 1600CC & 97KW



$1,801 (-5.3%)

B – Car above 1600CC or 97KW



$1,952 (-5.7%)

C – Goods Vehicle & Bus



$487 (-1.6%)

D - Motorcycle



$625 (-11.3%)

E - Open



$1,109 (-3.3%)

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