Toyota Adds New SUV Variant to Century Lineup

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The Toyota Century is the pinnacle of Japanese automotive engineering. It has gained a cult status through its three generations of production, and is a Japan-only model built in very limited quantities.

To cater for differing consumer tastes (mainly the voracious appetite for SUVs), Toyota has introduced a crossover variant to each of its iconic nameplates over the past half a decade. And it seems that the ‘Century’ will join that list, with the launch of the all-new Toyota Century SUV.

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It will be sold alongside the sedan version that was launched back in 2018. This SUV variant will be costlier than its sedan sibling, coming in at 25 million yen, some five million more than the 20.08 million yen asking price of the latter.

Different Underneath The Skin

Despite the similarities in the nameplate and the overall design language, the two cars have been built on very different platforms. Whilst the sedan has been manufactured on the Toyota N platform, which the Lexus LS also utilises, the SUV is based on the GA-K platform, which has also been used in the creation of the Camry and the RAV4.

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The difference in platform also means that there’s a difference in the powertrain, with the SUV packing a 406 bhp hybrid-assisted V6 motor, instead of the 425 bhp hybrid-assisted V8 in the sedan.

Dimensionally, the SUV is slightly shorter in both its wheelbase and in overall length, but makes up for it in its width and its height. Despite the significant increase in height, the car is only slightly heavier, coming in at 2,570 kilograms, compared to the 2,370 of the sedan.

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Visually, there are strong familial cues in the overall design, albeit scaled to fit an SUV form factor. The boxy styling and luxury-oriented details means the end result does bear some resemblance to the Rolls Royce Cullinan. Unlike the sedan, the SUV comes with split headlights and three large air intakes, making the front fascia different and distinct.

This is a strict four seater - a large panoramic glass roof and luxuries such as a fridge and an 18-speaker stereo builds on that luxury experience on the go. Egress to the cavernous rear compartment shouldn’t be too difficult too, with large door apertures and side steps. Want even greater access? You can also option your Century SUV with powered sliding doors.

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If you live in Japan and have the funds for such a vehicle, you’d be glad to find out that Toyota has officially opened the pre-orders for the Century SUV. Toyota claims you can option the car to suit any requirements and/or tastes, and this includes both a GRMN variant and even a convertible!

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