​Inconsiderate Drivers of the Week: Episode 7

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

Motorist Inconsiderate Drivers Of The Week Episode 7
(Photo Credit: ROADS.sg)

Errant cam owners and several reckless drivers make up this episode of Inconsiderate Drivers of the Week. Make sure you don't follow in their example!

In this weekly feature, we'll be taking a look at drivers who were caught on camera for their inconsiderate and reckless driving. These drivers exhibit poor driving etiquette, and we hope you never emulate their behaviour on the roads.

1) Cam Owner Gets Called Out by Netizens for Refusing to Give Way to a Reversing Car

Netizens on Facebook have called out the owner of this video for not being gracious and failing to help out a fellow driver. The video shows a white car that got stuck at a parking gantry. Instead helping the driver out by reversing, the cam owner (and his wife) kicked up a fuss and refused to give way to him. Heated words were exchanged, and it eventually led to the white car owner to jump onto the cam owner’s car. Although the white car owner was wrong to lash out physically, most netizens agreed that this incident could have been avoided if the cam owner had been more gracious. In situations like this, it’s always better to remain calm and be more considerate to others. Wouldn’t you agree?

2) This Cam Owner Got Blasted for Selfish Driving and Road Hogging on Highway

The owner of this video accused a van driver for driving recklessly. However, it appears he may have shot himself in the foot, as netizens have pointed out that he’s being selfish for hogging the fast lane on the highway. He was also caught preventing the van from switching lanes, by intentionally speeding up and slowing down.

3) Mercedes-Benz Driver Tailgates Video Owner to Exit Car Park Gantry

As the saying goes: “Can drive expensive car but can’t pay for parking”. This Mercedes-Benz driver was caught tailgating the owner of this video while exiting a car park gantry. The driver’s action also appears to be premeditated, as he only drove off from his parked location after the cam owner passed him.

4) Driver Caught Speeding in the Wrong Lane, Against the Flow of On-Going Traffic

Putting other road users at risk is this reckless driver, who was caught speeding in the wrong lane against the flow of traffic. Happening on the midnight of National Day, the cam owner tried to track the errant car down, but it was long gone.

5) Lorry Turns Right on Straight-Only Lane, Collides with Motorcyclist

Here's an accident that could have been completely avoided if the lorry driver had followed traffic rules. Instead of using the turning lane to make a right turn, this reckless lorry driver made a turn from a straight-only lane, causing a motorcyclist to collide into it. By the looks of it, the motorcyclist had no chance of avoiding this accident.

The purpose of this compilation isn’t to shame or expose these drivers, but to learn from their mistakes. In all honesty, the driving culture in Singapore leaves a lot to be desired. We lack basic road courtesy and we don’t mind causing inconveniences to other road users if it benefits us. We sometimes even put their lives at risks with our careless and nonchalant driving.

To improve our driving culture, we need to look ourselves in the mirror and learn to share our roads. Instead of treating fellow motorists as competition, we need to remember that every other road user is just like us—all they want is to reach their destination safely and on time.

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nope, not if they're endangering the lives of others! :(

over 5 years ago

Adam Mayer
all these inconsiderate drivers should have their license revoked! ?

over 5 years ago