Cycle & Carriage Unveils the ORA Good Cat 03 and ORA's New Showroom!

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Cycle & Carriage and Great Wall Motors officially launched the ORA brand, as locally-specified units of the Good Cat 03 were unveiled to members of the press at the all-new ORA showroom.

The compact electric hatch follows the current retro craze that has swept across the automotive industry. However, it manages to still boast a distinct design that sets it apart from other retro-futuristic offerings from its competitors.

Its quirky design certainly adds a touch of fun to its user’s life. Designed by former Porsche designer Emanuel Derta, there is no denying that its charming exterior makes this electric hatchback an alluring addition to the realm of electric cars.

Style with Substance

The ORA Good Cat 03 Electric features unique interior options, designed with ergonomics and usability in mind. For better comfort on long drives, the driver’s seat has ventilation and massage functions. Additionally, the Memory System with Welcome Seat function automatically recalls pre-set settings, swiftly adjusting the seat to the  driver’s preferred position.

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As it has been built on a bespoke EV platform, cabin space is excellent despite its small footprint. And additional care has been taken to make the car feel even airier with the inclusion of a fully electric wide panoramic sunroof.

Obsession with Safety

Safety remains a top priority for ORA, and the Good Cat 03 Electric is outfitted with an impressive list of advanced safety features that push the boundaries of automotive safety, designed to prioritise the well-being of both drivers and pedestrians.

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It comes with all of the safety kit that you’d expect from a modern vehicle. However, ORA has fitted their Good Cat 03 with a function not yet seen in most other EVs - an Intelligent Evade function, which steers the vehicle away from potential hazards and maintaining control.

Also, it comes fitted with Intelligent Cruise Control with Cornering Assistance, a sophisticated feature that automatically adjusts the car’s speed based on the presence of a leading vehicle and reduces speed during bends to enhance safety, prevent accidents, and deliver a smoother driving  experience.

Powertrain Specifications

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The Good Cat 03 Electric offers a battery unit of 63kWh, impressively delivering up to 420km of  range on a single charge. This exceptional range ensures that Singaporean drivers can  confidently navigate both their daily commutes and occasional longer trips with ease, offering a  seamless and stress-free driving experience.

The 105kW motor also qualifies for a lower-priced Cat A COE in Singapore, presenting additional cost-saving benefits for environmentally conscious drivers.

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The launch represents C&C and ORA’s commitments to driving the global transition towards greener transportation. Stay tuned for our upcoming in-depth road test of the all-new ORA Good Cat 03!

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