Fuel Smarter, Drive Farther: Maximising Mileage with Caltex with Techron®

Published by on . Updated on 11 Aug 2023
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There are many ways to reduce your overall fuel spending. To understand how you can save on fuel, you'll first need to understand how petrol is used in an engine.

Petrol is injected into a car's combustion chamber, which is then compressed before the air-fuel mixture is ignited. The resultant explosion pushes the piston downwards.

The piston is attached to a car's crankshaft, which converts the vertical movement into a rotational action that, through the gearbox, drives the wheels.

The Science of Boosting Fuel Economy

In a nutshell, the less stress you put on your engine, the less fuel you consume*. 

Minor alterations to your driving habits can translate into big savings come refuelling time. Instead of planting your foot on the throttle to gain speed rapidly, consider gradually accelerating instead.

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You can also opt to release the throttle slightly earlier when you are coming up to a set of lights, and even make use of momentum to keep the car rolling when on a descent.

Want an easier way to save even more fuel? Consider shedding excessive weight onboard too!

Ensuring Optimal Engine Health

Inefficiencies in the engine can also result in increased friction that saps power. Switching to the right grade of oil for your engine can help with that.

But engine longevity isn't all about just maintenance alone. In fact, you should use the right fuels as well. Caltex's petrol formulation comes with Techron®, which contains polyetheramines that have been scientifically proven to keep vital engine parts clean and prevent accumulation of grimy deposits. 

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Techron® has been developed over decades of R&D, at the Chevron Richmond Technology Center, in the United States. This cleaning additive is trusted by motorists, mechanics, and manufacturers around the world, and is in all their Petrol and Diesel fuels.

By using Caltex, you reduce the chances of premature engine wear-and-tear, negating the need for costly overhauls. Increased efficiency also means you burn less fuel, thus, reducing the amount of cash you spend on petrol monthly.

OCBC Wants To Make Your Fuel-Saving Journey More Seamless

But there’s an easier way to save even more money. Switching to Caltex is a good start, but you can save even more in the long run by using the appropriate credit cards. And whilst most fuel credit cards are only good for petrol, there is a credit card that will reward you for your everyday spend too.

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This credit card gives you to the highest fuel savings at Caltex, a whopping 22.92% (including 18% instant discount and 6% cashback on fuel spend). You can also earn rebates of up to $1,920 annually for all your dining, grocery, and fuel needs – all 365 days a year. 

Introducing the OCBC 365 Credit Card, and an exclusive offer just for you! New cardholders can receive $150 cashback if they spend $350 within the first month, giving you even more savings on petrol or purchases from Caltex’s Star Mart. To sweeten the deal further, this card comes with a two-year annual fee waiver!

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Promotion ends on the 31st of August 2023. You can learn more about the OCBC 365 Credit Card here

*Do note that fuel consumption will widely vary based on your driving style and distance travelled and many other factors.

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