All-New Alfa Romeo Stelvio Arrives in Singapore!

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The new Stelvio is part of Capella Auto's new Alfa Romeo lineup, with the Giulia and Tonale due to arrive later this year.

With a refreshed design and updated technologies, the new Stelvio presents a refined offering to those looking for an SUV true to Alfa Romeo's noble Italian sportiness DNA. The award-winning model, with excellent weight distribution and driving dynamics, has received a styling update that brings it in line with the design of the Giulia and Tonale.

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One would immediately notice the Stelvio's new front fascia, where a pair of redesigned headlights greet you. The new "3+3" headlights are Alfa Romeo's new Full-LED Adaptive Matrix headlights, which are also found on the Tonale. Included with the front redesign is the reinterpreted "Trilobo" grille, where the finishing of the lower grilles of the two main air ducts has been changed.

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Sophisticated lighting technologies have also been introduced, with the Adaptive Front Lighting System helping to automatically change the angle of the dipped beam headlights as your speed and driving conditions change. Additionally, the Glare-Free High Beam Segmented Technology enables you to drive in low-light conditions without blinding other road users.

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Moving into the interior, a new digital 12.3-inch screen serves as your instrumental panel, which allows the driver to access information and parameters for autonomous driving. The cluster, with its historic "telescopic" design, can be reconfigured into different layouts depending on your preference. There's even a Heritage layout, which features details such as inverted numbers at the end of the speedometer.

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While there aren't any changes to the Stelvio's internals, it still features a light and agile design, being constructed out of ultra-light materials such as aluminium and carbon. As the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio will arrive in Veloce trim, it'll come with a powerful 2.0-litre turbocharged inline-four engine that will put out 280 horsepower and 400 newton-metres of torque.

Externally, it'll come with 20-inch aluminium rims and a Vulcano Black body kit to give it a more aggressive stance. Additionally, coming standard with the Veloce trim is all-wheel drive with Alfa Romeo's Q4 technology, which enables you to reap the benefits of all-wheel drive while having the pleasure of driving a rear-wheel drive car.

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The all-new Alfa Romeo Stelvio has a list price of S$329,888, and interested buyers can drop by the Alfa Romeo showroom to find out more. Who knows — you might even win an exclusive Alfa Romeo F1 Team experience at the upcoming 2023 Singapore Grand Prix!

Photo Credits: Alfa Romeo Automobiles S.p.A.

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