July 2018 COE Results: Cat A and B Fall to $25,000 and $31,000 Respectively

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Motorist Coe Results 2018 July

COE prices continue to fall in the latest bidding exercise for July 2018, as Cat A and B record their lowest prices in over eight years.

Closed earlier today, the COE premiums for Cat A (Cars up to 1600CC & 97KW) was recorded at S$25,000, a $9,110 drop from the last exercise in June.

Cat B (Cars above 1600CC or 97KW) also saw a fall in prices, dropping from $33,900 to $31,000—a $2,100 decrease.

For Cat C (Goods vehicles & buses), it saw a slight drop of $909, from $32,001 to $31,092.

Cat D (Motorcycles) premiums are also on the downward trend as prices closed at $6,514, a $375 dip from last month.

Lastly, Cat E (Open category) also fell by $3,399, from $34,400 to $31,001.

As mentioned in our last report, the falling COE prices could be mainly due to the changes to the Vehicle Emission Scheme (VES). To learn more about it, click here.

Here’s a summary of the latest bidding exercise for July 2018.


Current COE premium
(July 2018 – 1st Bidding)

Previous COE premium
(June 2018 – 2nd Bidding)


A – Car up to 1600CC & 97KW



$9,110 (-26.7%)

B – Car above 1600CC or 97KW



$2,900 (-8.6%)

C – Goods Vehicle & Bus



$909 (-2.8%)

D - Motorcycle



$375 (-5.4%)

E - Open



$3,399 (-9.88%)

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