​7 Tips to Increase Your Car's Value

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So you're planning to sell your car. You've spent a heart-sinking amount of money that would make any foreigner book a one-way trip back to where they came from, and now you're looking for a good return back.

Look no further! Here are 7 tips to help you get more for your car!


Car Mod(Photo Credit: Imgur)

Your modifications and expensive upgrade don't necessarily mean you'll get a promising return when you sell your car. To others, that carbon fibre hood means something, but many others don't see it other than a cosmetic difference.

If you really want returns on an upgrade, try something practical like phone connecters and solar films!

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Maintenance and Servicing

Maintainence(Photo Credit: CarFab)

Do not skimp on your maintenance or oil changes! It'll help you save on money for the time being, sure. In the long run however, it'll help your vehicle run better and save money from being spent on costly repairs.

One other underrated factor is to always keep your tire pressure at the recommended level. Properly inflated tires improve gas mileage by about 3%. That might not seem like a lot, but consider this. Singaporeans usually rack up 200,000 km on their car by the 10th year, and 3% of that is 6,000 km! Low tire pressure affects performance and safety! With readily available air pumps pretty much a stone's throw away, make it a quick and healthy habit to pump your tires!

Keep your records. That goes for receipts and invoices, just get a file or box to quickly dump your receipts in! In the long run, it serves as credible proof to the buyer that you've been taking care of your car and to show where and when something has been fixed or changed.

Keep It Sexy

Screen Shot 2016 05 20 At 4(Photo Credit: Crittercan)

Treat your car like your baby. As some of you might be familiar, bringing your car isn't enough. You have to shower her with gifts and make her feel beautiful. Wax and wash your car regularly! Make her feel sparkly and clean. When it's bright out, try to park in the shade- too much sunlight can make the paint job fade. Wax it to protect it from Nature's car killers and put a gloss to it!

Mileage Affects How Much Your Car Is Worth

1 Mil Mileage(Photo Credit: WordPress)

The mileage of your car also determines its worth. If you're the type to start up the car for a 2-minute journey to Macdonald's, it's time for some cardio. Those daily extra kilometres can be a price-killer, so keep that in mind!

Fix Small Problems

Screen Shot 2016 05 20 At 4(Photo Credit: SuperStreet Online)

Really! The adage "better safe than sorry" is more important than you think, so don't shrug off that weird sound from your car! Sometimes, these little things are indicators to a larger problem in the making. Don't wait to find out.

Keep It Clean

Dirty Car(Photo Credit: News Deeply)

Just in case you forgot, treat your car like your baby! Not just on the outside, but on the inside. You wouldn't want to find a cockroach civilisation so developed it has it's own MRTs, would you? Remember to regularly vacuum and clean! Stains and odd smells could just kill your car's value!

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