Common Car Mods LTA Will Chase You For

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(Photo Credit: The Right Wrong)

Modding your car in Singapore is pretty much a losing battle. It's you and your machine versus the LTA, Traffic Police, STOMP and pretty much the rest of the world.

The LTA seems even more hell-bent on dampening your dreams of a glorious drifting AE86, requiring second-time offenders to send their cars for inspections every 6 months for two years. For third-time and subsequent offenders, good luck. The number jumps to an inspection every 3 months for 2 years.

Well, you still can have all that and more. With a little compromise here and there, you can cruise the roads proud and still wave to your friendly LTA officers.

Here are some mods to note to get that glorious, LTA-approved machine!

Spoiler Mods

Spoiler(Photo Credit: Corvette Forum)

The bigger the wings, the farther you fly.. as long as they don't pop out from your car. If your spoiler protrudes from your car laterally or longitudinally then you won't fly very far before LTA catches up with you.

Your spoiler also must not have sharp corners and edges, and it should also not obstruct the driver's view in any way!

Lamp Mods


(Photo Credit: Kereta)

If done the wrong way, your car lamps are basically big and bright "FINE ME" signs to LTA. Having the wrong colour, too bright, too many, too little are just a few things that get those LTA enforcers biting at your bumper.

Some lights need mandatory LTA approval while some don't as long as they adhere to LTA's requirements. Know which ones do before upgrading!

Head Lamps

Headlamp replacement bulbs should be of a design recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Aftermarket HID lamp kits however, may cause unwanted glare. As such, installation of these kits are not allowed.

Fog Lamps (No Need for Mandatory LTA Approval)

Fog lamps should bear approved markings that show that they have met internationally recognised standards, and must cast a white or yellow light. Rear fog lamps must cast a red light.

However, if you love to travel out of Singapore by car and need those strong fog lights to navigate foggy and dark roads, no worries! Even if your fog lamps do not meet the above requirements, you just have to cover them at all times in Singapore!

Spot Lamps

For the frequent off-roader, spot-lights are pretty important. In Singapore, you may just make a fellow driver myopic with your lamp equivalent of a flashbang.

LTA mandates that if spot-lights are installed, they must be covered at all times while in Singapore.

Daylight Running Lamp

Vehicles should only be installed with factory-fitted DRLs as they meet internally recognised vehicle standards. Installation of aftermarket DRL kits are not allowed because well, they may cause unwanted glare and distract other motorists!

Decorative Lamps

Wiper washer LEDs, interior and undercarriage neon lights, flashing lights all aren't allowed as they may just confuse and distract other motorists.

Window Tints

Window Tint(Photo Credit: Car Stereo City)

Window tints give the driver an air of mystery and sexiness, and possibly a big fat fine from our folks at the LTA. Although you don't need to get them approved by LTA, they do need to meet a few requirements before you can declare them LTA-safe.

Tinted Film and Glass

Tinted glass must comply with internationally recognised standards for safety glasses.

As for tinted films, they must not be of the reflective type.

However, you must ensure that the resultant light transmittance for the front windscreen and two front side windows must be at least 70%, while the resultant light transmittance for the rear windscreen and rear passenger windows is at least 25%.

The front windscreen must not prevent, obstruct or interfere with the transmission of signals between the IU and ERP either.

Exhaust Mods

Screen Shot 2016 04 07 At 5(Photo Credit: Speed Hunters)

If you want a good aftermarket exhaust system and a nice purr, you'll need certification from the product manufacturer that states that it's suitable fir your car's make and model.

You'll also require certification or test reports from LTA or NEA recognised test labs to show that the exhaust system complies with prevailing exhaust emission standards!

Now you can bask in all your glorious man-machine's great, road legal glory!

Stay safe and drive smart!

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