Lubricate Your Hybrid Car the Right Way with Motul's New Hybrid Motor Oil!

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With hybrid cars becoming increasingly common in today’s market, it comes as no surprise that lubricant makers are rushing to satisfy the growing needs of such vehicle owners.

Case in point is renowned French manufacturer Motul, which has designed their Hybrid Engine Oil specially for hybrid & plug-in hybrid vehicles, as well as electric vehicles with internal combustion engines acting as range extenders.

It’s Not Your Average Engine Oil

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You might be wondering, “Aren’t engine oils more or less the same regardless of application?” 

While they all serve the same purpose – that is to keep the engine components well-lubricated and functioning seamlessly – the standards that they need to meet differ greatly depending on what type of engine they’re using.

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The powerplant on a hybrid car, for example, will stop and start far more frequently than that on a traditional one due to the battery and electric motor taking over in low speed situations. This in turn will raise the possibility of sludge buildup, rust, corrosion, and increased wear-and-tear throughout multiple parts of the engine, affecting the likes of the engine bearings and camshafts.

That is where the Motul Hybrid Engine Oil comes in. Their new oil serves to mitigate these issues, meeting the specific constraints brought up by the unique nature of hybrid cars. 

Smoother and Faster

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According to Motul, their Hybrid oils have very low friction and very low HTHS (High Temperature High Shear) viscosity, which means that it can flow through the oil pump with less resistance, thus requiring less energy to circulate throughout the entire vehicle. With less friction, overall fuel economy will also see an improvement, especially when the oil is cold.

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Build-up of soot deposit is also lessened when the Hybrid engine oil is used, being diverted to the necessary filters more effectively. This is great news for car owners, as too much soot may wind up becoming sludge, which in turn may cause premature engine failure. With Hybrid engine oils, these issues are no longer relevant and your engine internals will be cleaner. 

That’s not all. Oil flow at start-up is more rapid, oil pressure build-up faster, rev raisings quicker, and achieving operating temperature faster. It also has longer drain intervals than standard engine oil, while keeping the various seals, pistons, and rings clean.

Fuss-Free Experience

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Durability is also Motul’s strength. The company utilises fully synthetic oil as opposed to semi-synthetic or mineral ones. This equates to better operational performance throughout a wider temperature range, all while prolonging its lifespan in between servicing intervals.

Another claim to fame of the Hybrid 0W20 is also its ability to safely convert toxic fumes into non-toxic ones when released into the environment. This also applies to soot, which is filtered out before exiting the exhaust pipe.

Enjoy the Drive!

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There’s no ultra-strict schedule to follow when it comes to maintenance with the Hybrid engine oil, too. Hybrid cars require far less frequent oil changes than their traditional counterparts, which means less time needed for car maintenance!

With enhanced operational performance, lower wear-and-tear, and improved fuel economy, Motul’s Hybrid engine oil is the perfect partner for your hybrid car. 

What’s in a Name?

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For readers who are not familiar with which oil to select, it’s important to understand what the alphanumerical values mean in motor oil names.

The W in “0W20”, for example, is short for “winter”. The number preceding it indicates how well it performs in colder temperatures. Conversely, the lower the number, the more effective it is.

The numbers that come after W highlights how smoothly the oil flows at higher temperature ranges. In this case, 20 means that the oil is able to flow throughout the car quickly due its thinness.

Just like before, the lower the stated number, the more effective it is in lubricating the vehicle’s internals. This means that 0W20 will flow through the car faster than oils that end with 30, 40, or other higher numbers.

These standards are all determined by the SAE, or the Society of Automotive Engineers.

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