​5 Tips to Quickly Cool Down A Hot Car

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

Motorist 5 Tips Cool Down Car
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Has your car been sitting out in the sun for too long? Here are five tips to cool it down as quickly as possible.

Did you know car interior temperature can almost be twice as hot as outside air temperature during a warm, sunny day. With Singapore's weather, the interior of your car is guaranteed to be scorching if it has been sitting out in the sun.

To help you beat the heat, we've come up with five tips to help you quickly cool down your "hot" car. Check out these tips below to learn more.

1) Open Your Sunroof or Wind Down Your Window

Motorist Open Window
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It is a known fact that hot air rises while cool air sinks. Using simple physics, you can control the airflow and get rid of that super-hot air by simply winding down your windows. This tip works even better if you have a sunroof, because the hot air will have an easier time dissipating.
2) Use Your Car Door to ‘Fan’ Your Car

Motorist Fanning Car Door
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For this tip to work, you’ll need to wind down the passenger window and use the driver side door to ‘fan’ the car several times. Doing this will drastically cool the internal temperature of your car. Why? The door actually acts like a pump, forcing cooler air into your vehicle while hot air escapes from the passenger window. Sure, you may look like a fool but at least your car will be nice and cool after.

3) Turn Off Air Recirculation

Motorist Car Air Recirculation
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Instead of using air recirculation, you should use your aircon’s fresh air setting until the internal temperature drops below or matches the outside temperature. Remember, what you want is for the hot air to escape your car, not circulate it. Once the air has been cooled, you can turn the air recirculation setting back on.
4) Lower the Aircon Temperature and Blast it For a Few Minutes

Motorist Car Air Con
(Photo Credit: Car from Japan)

The preferred way by Singaporeans to cool their cars is to lower the aircon temperature and blast it for a few minutes. To make this method even more effective, you should open at least one window for the hot air to escape. As previously mentioned, it’s always easier to replace warm air with cooler air. If you’re only depending on the aircon system, it not only burns more fuel but it will also take a longer time to cool the air.

5) Drive Your Car Instead of Leaving it Parked

Motorist Driving Red Car
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Some people will refuse to drive their car if it’s too hot, but did you know driving your vehicle will actually help to cool it down faster? For those unaware, your car A/C system works better when your car is in motion, as the A/C compressor runs even faster. There’s no reason why you should wait for your car to pre-cool as it’ll only waste your time and petrol.

Do you have any “cool” tips to share? Tell us in the comments below.

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