5 Reasons Why People are Still Driving Manual Cars

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

Motorist 5 Reasons To Drive Manual
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Manual cars were once considered the standard in every car market. However, they have since fallen into the shadows of their automatic counterparts.

Despite their drop in popularity, there are still drivers out there who swear by the stick. Here are the five main reasons why people are still driving manual cars.

1. Manual Cars are Cheaper

On average, manual cars are less expensive than automatics simply because they are less popular, and there isn’t a huge demand for them. Besides the lower initial cost, manual cars are also cheaper to maintain, as they are less complex than auto vehicles. In most cases, the clutch is the only component that requires fixing, but that usually happens after a few thousand miles or so.

2. Manual Cars Offer a Better Sense of Control

When it comes to vehicular control, nothing beats driving with a stick. Manuals simply offer better control over your vehicle, and this “feeling” isn’t something you can achieve with an automatic. With greater control over the car and gears, manual car owners will have an easier time slowing down and accelerating when driving.

3. Manual Cars are More Fuel-Efficient

Did you know manual cars consume 15% less fuel than their automatic counterparts? This is because there are no torque converters or hydraulic pumps in manual cars to burn extra fuel. Depending on road conditions and the way that you drive, you can really save some money by driving stick.

4. They are Less Likely to be Stolen

As previously mentioned, manual cars cost less than automatics. This also means that the resale value of manual cars is also lower. If given a choice, a car thief is more likely to steal an auto car over a manual one. Even if a car thief does brake into a manual car, he might not possess the skill or knowledge to drive one. That itself is already an anti-theft deterrent.

5. Driving a Manual is Cooler and More Fun

There’s nothing more exhilarating than switching gears while driving. It also makes the entire driving experience much more fun and enjoyable. Besides being more “engaged” with your car, driving stick also lets you drive almost every other vehicle out there. Last but not least, driving a manual car also makes you less distracted, as you require both hands and legs to operate the vehicle.

What are some other reasons to drive a manual car? Tell us in the comments below.

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Evan Teo
Great article! manual cars are definitely better as it gives you better control of the car

almost 6 years ago