Top Police Hotspots of 2022

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Ever wondered where the police hotspots were for the last calendar year? We’ve crawled through our 2022 data, and here are the top five locations!

There are some fairly unexpected places in this list, so do exercise caution and watch your speed when approaching these areas!

5. Kallang Road (towards Sir Arthur's Bridge) before Crawford Street

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1678158829506 Policelocations 03The straight road and large gaps between traffic light junctions mean cars can, in theory, achieve speeds far above the legal posted speed limit. Which is why, despite the lack of an overhead bridge, you’d find traffic and auxiliary police patrolling this stretch of road.

4. Nicoll Highway (towards Stamford Road) before Ophir Flyover

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1678158845942 Policelocations 01This is the only major road parallel to the previous hotspot. With no traffic lights on a 2.6 kilometre stretch between the junctions of Sims Way and Middle Road, it isn’t uncommon for drivers to accidentally stray over the speed limit. Keep a lookout for the overhead bridge near the entrance of Nicoll Highway MRT station.

3. ECP (towards Changi Airport) Overhead Bridge before Exit 8B Marine Vista

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1678158859614 Policelocations 05Whilst there are no permanent speed cameras along the ECP, our traffic cop friends do occasionally set speed traps on the various overhead bridges along the ECP. One of the hotspots from 2022 happens to be the overhead bridge before Exit 8B at Marine Vista. The posted speed limit here is 90 km/h, so do be extra cautious in this stretch to avoid unnecessary fines.

2. Punggol Road (towards Punggol Central) on New Punggol Road Bridge

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The road network in this area happens to be fairly new. With the general lack of development, it may seem like the ideal spot for boy racers to flex their econobox muscles. A mix of traffic and auxiliary police regularly patrols the area according to our 2022 data, so resist the urge to drive your car hard on these new roads!

1. Stretch of Road Between Dunman Road and Koon Seng Road

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1678158930196 Policelocations 04Considering the roads are fairly narrow here, it is unlikely that you’d be done for speeding along this stretch. Law enforcement here probably focuses on ensuring cars are not illegally parked. Still, make sure that you keep your speeds in check, and opt to only park legally if you do not wish to pay a fine.

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