5 Carparks in Singapore with Terrible Designs

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

3811225(Photo Credit: The Big Chilli)

Love the thrill of a good game? Want to play extreme Tetris with your $130,000 car? Have a grudge against your insurance company? You've come to the right place.

Here are some car parks in Singapore that make even veteran drivers cower in fear!

1. Clifford Centre

Many friends have fallen and fallen multiple times here. The steep incline and 90 degree tight bends would make you bust out your calculator to work out how much your car should be turning all the way to E=mc². Those that have been there, try not to watch. It might just trigger your nightmares again.

2. Clarke Quay Central

Central(Photo Credit: Panomario)

You know that scene in Tokyo Drift where they zoom up the spiral ramp?

How about that part when you're at Central Carpark? No? The part that has your half-digested lunch on the car mats by the time you reach your lot?

Yeah, that one!

3. Bugis Junction

Wikimedia Commons(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Calling the entry slope is underrated. Mount Everest and brake-burner are more apt names for this monster. You thought the starting part of Bukit Timah was hard? You haven't tried scaling Mt. Bugis.

If you think that's bad enough, don't expect to manoeuvre the turns without your wheels popping off!

4. Liang Court

Liang Court(Photo Credit: Robertson Quay)

Ever played Snake on those old Nokia phones? There's a new version for your car! It's called Liang Court Car Park, and you'd wish you came in one of these instead:


The number of bends on this carpark is unreal. Watch out!

5. Tampines Mall

Tampines Mall(Photo Credit: Capitaland)

No veteran driver has earned their stripes without the legendary Tampines Mall initiation. Steep turns, narrow lanes- you'll earn your place among the many brave (and screaming) with a nice black scratch streak on the wall!

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