Here Are Our 5 Recommended Car Grooming Services for This Lunar New Year!

Published by on . Updated on 16 Jan 2023

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The Lunar New Year is upon us, and that means soon you’ll most likely be ferrying your family and loved ones around town to celebrate!

But if your car’s all worn-out and shabby, first impressions are probably going to be somewhat negative, and you simply do not want that to happen on an occasion as joyous as CNY.

Fret not, however, as we have a list of grooming services and workshops that are guaranteed to spruce up your ride in time, and also impress your relatives!

Lambency Detailing

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A well-respected workshop in the local automotive sphere, Lambency Detailing has proven time and time again that it has all the right tools and resources to prepare your car for CNY!

The company, which boasts over 10 years of experience in car detailing services, features a 5,000 square foot shop space and is open seven days a week. This means you do not have to fight for a spot just to get your vehicle worked on by them.

As a SONAX Partner Centre, Lambency Detailing uses SONAX car care products exclusively to treat your car right, ranging from polishes to wheel cleaners. All of their detailers also undergo an annual product training programme conducted by the German car care brand, to ensure a consistency in standards and familiarity with their products.

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It’s not just about surface-level cleaning, either. As you’ll be spending most of your time travelling to relatives’ homes inside your car, the cabin experience is just as important. Which is why Lambency Detailing uses only premium equipment to freshen up your car, such as Kärcher steam cleaners to eliminate nasty stains and even mould build-up!

While the skilful staff work their magic on your car, feel free to chill in their expansive lounge upstairs, which features a well-stocked pantry, comfy seating areas, and even a Netflix-equipped TV.

And for this Lunar New Year only, Lambency Detailing is offering a special SONAX Car Spa + Basic Interior Detailing Package bundle that’s sure to bring your car up to the next level in time for the festivities – all for just S$168! Please note that this applies to all vehicle categories excluding commercial vehicles.


53 Ubi Avenue 1 #01-31, Paya Ubi Industrial Park, Singapore 408934



(+65) 9658 5808

Wash Pit

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If you’re looking for a one-stop shop to prepare your ride for CNY, Wash Pit deserves to be on your radar! They detail not only cars, but also motorcycles and even vans.

Their services are highly competitive, ranging from leather conditioning to anti-bacterial treatment –  and that’s just on the inside! The company believes that every vehicle defect is unique, and they utilise a diverse range of products and equipment to tackle each issue effectively. In other words, you only get the best products for the job, regardless of the brand!

Wash Pit prides itself in utilising the bucket-wash method of detailing your car, which should translate to no scratches when washing the car. They also use BigBoi-branded air blow dryers to effectively remove even the smallest hints of stray water droplets in crevices during the detailing process, where excess moisture can ruin it.

What sets Wash Pit apart is the credentials that they possess. The company is IDA-certified, which means that the detailing standards that they uphold are on an internationally-recognised level. They are also qualified as an IGL Master Installer. 

Wash Pit also has what it calls “a la carte services”, where you pick and choose the specific type of detailing service for your ride, depending on the wants and needs! For motorcycles, you can even opt to have the chains cleaned and lubed for optimum performance and clean looks.

If you're keen to give Wash Pit a try, click here to make a booking with them now or here to check out their CNY packages! You can also visit their website, where they offer a monthly or yearly membership with perks such as enticing discounts on their services and even free snow foam washes.


2 Yishun Industrial Street 1, Northpoint Bizhub #01-26, Singapore 768159, Singapore, Singapore 768159



(+65) 8332 6562

5D Solutions

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If you’ve driven on our roads lately, you would’ve realised the sheer number of roadworks happening just about everywhere, no matter how ulu the roads may be. That means plenty of loose asphalt and debris, which in turn may mean plenty of them being hurled onto your car by the vehicles in front.

Avoid the pain and misery of having your beloved car damaged just before Chinese New Year by letting the folks at 5D Solutions upgrade its defences! This well-known detailing service uses STEK-branded paint protection film to shield your car against possible impact damages, and well, the brilliant results speak for themselves, as we’ve found out in our video feature

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Not only is the STEK film resistant to such debris, it also comes with what 5D Solutions calls “fashion films”, which is a palette of stylish and individualistic finishes for your ride – ranging from carbon metal to camo grey.

The company also provides ceramic glass coating services for that extra layer of protection and sheen for your ride. Employing high-quality chemicals from KubeBond, you get a nano-ceramic coating that requires minimal maintenance, 9H pencil-like toughness, and increased resistance against corrosion from foreign elements.

Other detailing services from 5D Solutions include foam-washing, fumigation services, and also leather restoration for your interior; all very important if you want your vehicle to look and feel as presentable as possible during CNY visiting!


7 Soon Lee Street #01-26 iSPACE, Singapore 627608



(+65) 8668 7560

(+65) 6254 0456

Car-nage Werks

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Trust Car-nage Werks to handle your vehicle like true professionals this festive season! This detailing company offers a plethora of services that can transform your well-worn vehicle into looking like it had just rolled out of the showroom floor.

Car-nage Werks provides not just basic washing services, but also waxing & polishing, and even fumigation services to ensure that your vehicle is immaculate inside out! To further protect the paintwork, you can opt for their premium ceramic or graphene coating that shield it from debris impact on our roads.

But what if your car’s paintwork already has some discolouration? Worry not, as the company is a pro at touching it up. With paint correction services ready from the get-go, Car-nage Werks is able to restore your car’s looks to factory-fresh condition!

You also need not worry about spillages in the car this joyous season, as the detailing service offers deep-cleaning solutions for vehicle cabins, guaranteed to remove even the nastiest of stains and odours.


3 Soon Lee Street Pioneer Junction #01-24, Singapore 627606 


[email protected]


(+65) 6518 4918


Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1673423527665 Mafra

Sometimes the most satisfying way to groom your car is by doing it yourself. And with CNY around the corner, it’s definitely a good feeling to give your ride the personal touch before bringing your family out for house-visiting!

Mafra’s products are more than ready to help you out in this, with their comprehensive line of products, ranging from detailing-centric chemicals to interior car care sprays.

The Italian brand, which boasts over half a century of industry experience, takes care of your car’s needs, from the initial pre-wash process to nano-coating at the very end. They’ve even got their own air fresheners, if you happen to be in the market for it. This means that at every step of the way, Mafra’s got you covered!

And most importantly, their products are TÜV certified, so you can be assured that they have been tested stringently and meet various international standards.


Blk 126, Joo Seng Road, 02-11, Gold Pine Industrial Building,, Singapore, Singapore



(+65) 8767 4010

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