PSA: Be Vigilant - Protect Against LTA Impersonation Scams!

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Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1669025463743 Scam FeaturedImpersonation scams are on the rise, and these swindlers have resorted to imitating officers from the LTA in a bid to dupe unsuspecting victims into parting ways with their hard-earned cash.

These texts are designed to look legit - though they are anything but. Essentially, these messages replicate the official tone of legitimate messages; you can expect the SMS to read - LTA: You have a bill that will be overdue and incur a penalty. Please check and complete the payment.

It typically ends with a hyperlink that would redirect you to a fradulent webpage modelled on OneMotoring’s website. You'd also find E-tag undetected payment failed in the description box of the illegitimate site. There’s a payment option with the ‘owed’ sum at the bottom of the ‘payment gateway’ page, which will then lead to another sub-page where you’d have to fill in your bank card details.

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In essence, these are cleverly disguised phishing scams, where the criminals will then gain access to your credit/debit card for dubious purposes. In fact, the SPF has said that at least 112 police reports have been made since the 13th of October, with financial losses well north of the $100,000 mark.

The LTA does not request for payment through links embedded in SMS alerts. If in doubt, cross check messages with the relevant official sources, and do not provide OTPs to others. Also ensure the URL of the payment gateway matches the service provider that you are using to make payment. Do also remember to cancel the card immediately if you detect fraudulent activities!

All of your fines and penalties will be relayed to you via the Motorist app too, so that’s another failsafe you can fall back on to verify the trustworthiness of a text message.

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