Trapo Releases Latest Flagship Hex II Premium Car Mat Line

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When it comes to premium and hygienic car mats, very few come close to what Trapo has to offer. And now, the brand is looking to further widen the gap from its competition with its latest selection of mats.

The company's flagship HEX line of premium car mats have been re-engineered to bring even more value and peace of mind to car owners. Dubbed the HEX II, this new range builds upon the shining qualities of its predecessor while bringing even more personalisation into the mix.

Up to 68% of the materials found on the HEX II are made out of recycled materials, such as the non-toxic and soft EVA foam. Recycled EVA rubber and RPET bottles are also utilised for the RPET lining and three-piece eyelet. 

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The HEX II is up to 50 times more slip-resistant, thanks to a redesigned surface. The hexagonal lining now features additional ridges, making the mat more gritty. This means that even if the soles of your shoes are wet, they will not be sliding around on the HEX II.

Speaking of slipping, Trapo's latest mats now come with the company's patented Fix anti-slip technology. Essentially, the bottom of the HEX II mat can now "latch" onto the floorboard of your car while causing virtually zero damage to it.

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For the hygiene-conscious folks out there, do not fret, as Trapo's got your back. Their HEX II mats are one of the most hygienic products out there. Because of anti-bacterial properties present, they are remarkably easy to clean even after being coated with all sorts of debris.

Not content with just a simple rinse-and-dry process, we took it a step further by swab-testing a sample mat and finding out the Relative Light Unit (RLU) figures to measure just how clean it is after dirtying it. To our surprise, it measured at just 76. For added context, 500 RLU means that the surface is clean, 500 to 2500 means it's dirty, and anything above 2500 means you probably should call NEA.

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Trapo has sizes ready for over 2000 car models, so whether you own a Maserati or a Mitsubishi, chances are they have a set of HEX II car mats for you. The company even allows you to mix and match colours that best suit your ride, with three base colours and five lining colours readily available.

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The HEX II is not the only line of car mats available, however. Trapo also offers their Eco II and Classic Mark III ranges. While both possess anti-slip properties and are made of eco-friendly materials, only the Classic Mark III possesses antibacterial properties like the HEX II.

The Eco II and Classic Mark III products comes with a one-year warranty, whereas the HEX II mats come with a generous five-year warranty.

And as mentioned before, Trapo's commitment to environmental friendliness goes beyond the initial sale. If you ever decide to sell your car off and offload your Trapo mats, the company is willing to take them in to be recycled, so none of the materials go to waste.

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Apart from car mats, Trapo also carries a comprehensive suite of car accessories, under their Oxtra line. This includes a motion-sensing air purifier, car vacuum cleaner, and antibacterial car spray, which are all in line with the company's healthy obsession with cleanliness.

If you'd like to see (and test out) the latest HEX II car mats and other Trapo products in the flesh, their Trapo Singapore Hub is located at 8 Ubi Rd 2, #01-06, Singapore 408538. The products are all displayed prominently across the well-lit shop space. Friendly sales staff will also be on standby to answer your queries and introduce you their wide array of items.

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Alternatively, you can visit their website here where you can purchase the mats and accessories while relaxing at home!

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