The New Electric Mercedes-Benz: The EQV Has Arrived In Singapore

Published by on . Updated on 10 Oct 2022
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The EQV, Mercedes-Benz’s first all-electric MPV, has been launched in Singapore, and with it comes practicality, functionality and luxurious mobility with zero emissions. 

As part of its push towards greater electrification of its model range, the EQV is the electric variant of the ubiquitous V-Class, which already built its reputation as a dependable and luxurious people carrier.

Available only with a 90 kWh battery, the EQV has 160 horsepower, 366 Nm of torque and a maximum range of 426 kilometres. Using a 110kW fast charger, a charge from 10 to 80 percent can be done in approximately 40 minutes. With a 50kW charger, the same charge will take approximately 75 minutes. 

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The electric drivetrain, with a peak output of 150kW, is located at the front of the vehicle, with power being sent to the front wheels only via a single-speed transmission. Recuperative braking can be adjusted by pulling on the paddles behind the steering wheel, with the left paddle increasing the aggressiveness of the recuperation, while the right paddle decreases it. 

As with all Mercedes-Benz models today, the EQV also features MBUX, with a 10-inch screen mounted on the dashboard to house the system. The EQV also received an additional feature in MBUX, which is the EQ tile. This allows drivers to pertinent data such as charging current, energy flow and the history of energy consumption. 

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The MBUX can operate various functions like the climate control, navigation and driving modes. It also features voice control, which can be activated by with the command "Hey Mercedes", which allows users to control functions like the navigation, climate, music selection and phone calls through speech. 

With the V-Class being able to fit up to eight passengers and their luggage without compromising on comfort, the same was expected from the EQV. With the battery being installed underneath the floor, this allows cabin space to be fully maximised. This especially shows with the boot, which has a maximum of 1030 litres of cargo capacity.

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Depending on whether the luxury seats or bench seats are installed, seven or eight people can fit into the EQV, which provides flexibility depending on the requirements of the situation at hand. 

Being part of the EQ range, the EQV receives specific design cues to differentiate it from its combustion engine powered counterparts. An EQ-specific side profile, lightweight 18-inch wheels and a black panel grille with chrome fins, signify the EQV's status not only as a luxurious people mover, but one that goes about in an eco-friendly and zero-emissions manner. 

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The EQV is now officially on sale, and the price is as followed:
Mercedes EQV - $390,888

*Prices are accurate as of 7 October and is subject to change based on prevailing COE.

Photo credits: Mercedes-Benz Singapore

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