McLaren Racing Reveals A Special New Livery For The Singapore And Japanese Grand Prix

Published by on . Updated on 29 Sep 2022
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To celebrate its return to racing in Asia, McLaren Racing and its primary partner OKX have unveiled a new livery for the Singapore and Japanese Grand Prix.

The new livery features the MCL36's Fluro Papaya combined with splashes of neon pink together with cyberpunk-inspired engine illustrations. 

McLaren states that the new and exciting design of this livery "represents the emergence of new technologies from the region, with a look to the future inspired by the cityscapes of Singapore and Japan."

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This livery is the face of the new "Future Mode" campaign between McLaren and OKX, signifying the direction of their future-facing partnership. For the Singapore Grand Prix, and the upcoming Japanese Grand Prix, both Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo will have this livery not only on their racecars, but their race suits as well. 

A limited edition "Future Mode" t-shirt will be available for purchase on McLaren's online store, and the livery will be available in the F1 2022 game from 11 October onwards.  

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