YHI Introduces Three Of The Latest Yokohama Tyres To The Singapore Market

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YHI Corporation, the exclusive distributor of Yokohama Tyres in Singapore, has introduced three new tyres suited for the local market: the Advan Sport V107, the Neova AD09, and the BluEarth-RV RV03.

Each tyre has been designed to satisfy the needs of a specific target market, so regardless of your vehicle of choice, you’d be able to find something in the Yokohama range that fits your lifestyle.

The Advan Sport V107, The High Performance Flagship

Let’s start with the Advan Sport V107, which serves as the de facto premium flagship. Designed for high-performance and luxury vehicles, it is the preferred OEM tyre for premium European vehicles. It exemplifies high-performance driving dynamics and handling dynamics, while simultaneously increasing driving comfort befitting its status as an OEM tyre for premium European vehicles. 

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Armed with Yokohama’s noise reduction technology, the V107 aims not only to improve high speed stability, but also to provide a quiet and comfortable ride. The "Silent Sipe", located along the tyre rib, helps to control and reduce external noise, allowing for a quieter, more comfortable ride.

Additionally, the V107 was improved for dry and wet grip. The tyre profile was widened and strengthened, enabling better rigidity, especially at higher speeds. The circumferential grooves now have a "variable width", with one narrow and three wide grooves, allowing for a greater contact patch for increased dry grip while providing excellent water drainage and hydroplaning resistance at higher speeds. The V107 is available in sizes from 18-inches to 23-inches.

The Preferred Trackday Tyre, The Advan Neova AD09

The Advan Neova AD09 is the successor to the popular AD08R, a popular choice for drivers heading to the track or demanding the best possible performance on the street.

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Yokohama has improved the AD09's performance by redesigning its carcass, increasing the number of cords and carcass thickness by 8% and 9% respectively, resulting in the most rigid casing ever produced by Yokohama. This improves the rigidity of the tread section, allowing for increased driving stability and a profile structure that is more resistant against lateral forces. 

The new tread pattern has improved grip on both dry and wet surfaces. The inner narrow circumferential grooves provide excellent grip on dry asphalt, while the outer wide circumferential grooves help to increase water dispersion. The AD09 showcases Yokohama’s continued commitment to motorsport and track enthusiasts, and improvements can be expected in the years to come. The AD09 is available in sizes from 15-inches to 21-inches.

The BluEarth-RV RV03, Yokohama's MPV-specific Tyre

The BluEarth-RV RV03 is part of Yokohama’s economy-focused BluEarth lineup, with the RV03 being specifically designed for multi-purpose vehicles (MPV). Designed with longevity, fuel economy and comfort in mind, Yokohama also considered the heavier weight of MPVs, and designed the RV03 to handle the additional load and wear. 

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MPVs tend to have a boxier design, with noise reverberation being more pronounced. The RV03’s tread pattern features diagonal cut grooves, helping to reduce tire noise by 9% to 13% when compared to the preceding RV02. A new softer rubber compound also helps to reduce tyre noise.

The RV03’s rigid shoulder helps to resist uneven wear, ensuring that maximum overall grip is maintained even as mileage is accumulated. It also features straight grooves and diagonal cut grooves, with the latter providing high levels of wet grip and together with the anti-hydroplaning design of the straight grooves, ensures that drivers will have high levels of grip even in wet conditions.

Compared to the RV02, the RV03 has a 20% improvement in wear resistance, allowing drivers to get more value and mileage from one set of tyres before needing a new set. The most evident improvement of the RV03 over its predecessor is its lower noise levels and greater tyre longevity. The BluEarth-RV RV03 is available in sizes ranging from 15-inches to 20-inches.

The Advan Sport V107, Advan Neova AD09 and BluEarth-RV RV03 are now available in all tyre shops retailing Yokohama Tyres, so head down to one of these shops to check out these new offerings from Yokohama! If you are looking for a set of new tyres for your car, you can now purchase these tyres at various Yokohama dealers islandwide.

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