​5 Harmless Car Pranks to Play This April Fools’ Day

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020
Motorist April Fools Pranks
Here's a list of harmless car pranks to pull off this April Fools' on your car-loving friend.

Planning to prank your friend this April Fools' Day? Give these five harmless car pranks. Humorous and simple to execute, these pranks will definitely test your friendship with your victims. Try these pranks at your own risk, and don't blame us if things don't go according to plan. Enjoy!

1) The Photoshopped Scratch Mark Prank

We executed this epic prank on our boss for April Fools’ last year. All you need is some Photoshop skills and a camera phone. To pull this prank, simply take a photo your friend's car and photoshop a scratch mark on it. Next, send the doctored picture to your friend and watch him freak out.

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2) The Post-it Note Prank

Do you have an abundance of Post-it notes in your office? If yes, you’ll be able to pull off this simple but humorous prank. Simply collate as many Post-it notes as you can and paste it all over your friend’s car. You get bonus points if you’re able to use different coloured Post-it notes to create some sort of pixel art.

3) The Confetti in the Air Vent Prank

This humorous prank is a classic. To execute it, simply head to a gift or stationary store and buy a packet of confetti. Using a roll of paper as a funnel, pour the confetti into the aircon vent of your victim’s car. If confetti is unavailable, you can also use those bits of paper from a hole puncher. Be prepared to run though, cause there’s a high chance your friend will be pissed.

4) Breaking the Car Window Prank

Made popular by YouTuber Joey Salads, this prank involves a glass bottle, a hammer, and some acting skills. To pull this off, walk over to the passenger side of your friend’s car and smash the glass bottle with the hammer. If you play the part well, your friend will probably think that you broke his car window deliberately. Be careful of broken glass when attempting this prank.

5) The “I’m Sorry I Dent Your Car” Prank

To execute this harmless prank, you need to prepare and paste a handwritten note that “apologises” for a causing a dent on your friend’s car. Upon reading the note, your friend will probably walk around the car to inspect it. Be sure to contain your laughter as he walks around his car endlessly to spot the “damages”.

Do you have any epic car pranks that you would like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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