M Power Goes Topless: The BMW M4 Competition Convertible, Now In Singapore

Published by on . Updated on 22 Jul 2022
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Looking for the power and thrill of a BMW M4, but with the wind blowing through your hair? Then you're in luck, with the M4 Competition Convertible now available in Singapore.

Since its introduction to Singapore in early 2021, the BMW M4 (and by extension, its four-door M3 sibling) have only been available as hard tops. Now though, with the M4 Competition Convertible (G83) finally in Singapore, you can get that open-air feeling while driving.

The M4 Competition Convertible is equipped with the familiar twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre inline-six engine that has been fitted to all models in the current generation M3 and M4, which in this case produces 510 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque. Power is sent through an eight-speed torque convertor automatic transmission to all four wheels. 

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Yes, the M4 Competition Convertible is only available in Competition specification and with xDrive (which is BMW's nomenclature for all-wheel drive). Before anyone says that xDrive is unnecessary or shouldn't be fitted in an M4, you should know that the century sprint is just 3.7 seconds, compared to the previous generation M4 Convertible which took 4.6 seconds. That's almost a whole second faster. Top speed still remains electronically limited to 250 km/h, though.

The folding roof is a fabric soft top, and it is able to open and close within 18 seconds at speeds up to 49 km/h. The fabric folding folding roof is also 40% lighter compared to the previous generation's retractable hardtop. With the soft top folded down, boot capacity is rated at 300 litres, and increases to 385 litres when the soft top is up in place. 

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Being a BMW M product, certain exclusive features like an M-specific shift knob and steering wheel with dedicated M buttons to set the car into a more aggressive mode, plus M sport seats to keep the driver in place. Should you want to be more enveloped, M Carbon Bucket seats are available as an option.

A Harman Kardon sound system is fitted as standard equipment, but when the M4 Competition Convertible comes from the factory with an exhaust system with electrically controlled valves that open when the engine revs above a pre-determined RPM, which would you rather listen to?

The M4 Competition Convertible is now on sale at Performance Munich Auto, but only on an indent basis, and is priced at $563,888. 

Price is accurate as of press time.

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