The New Toyota bZ4X Is Paving The Way For Toyota's EV Roadmap

Published by on . Updated on 15 Jul 2022
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Prospective customers will have ample opportunities to trial the newly-launched Toyota bZ4X in the not-too-distant future, courtesy of a partnership between Borneo Motors Singapore (BMS) and the SP Group.

The collaboration will enable users to sample Toyota's latest electrified offerings through Singapore's first electric car sharing programme, which will be situated in Tengah, Singapore's first integrated smart energy town.

Both companies will jointly develop and promote cost-effective and flexible electrified vehicle sharing and leasing programmes. They will also explore other sustainable mobility solutions to support the adoption of electrified vehicles in Tengah.Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1656873996053 Motorist Toyota Bz4x Launch Sp Group Borneo Motors 2The Memorandum of Understanding between BMS and SP aims to accelerate Singapore’s transition to green mobility by providing a range of schemes for electrified car-sharing and car-leasing over the next five years.

Backed by SP’s largest public, fast-charging electric vehicle charging network across the island with more than 535 charging points across 135 locations, BMS will offer drivers a full range of electrified vehicles to ensure drivers have many pathways to reduce their transport-related carbon footprint in line with their lifestyle and mobility needs.

EV Sharing Scheme

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1656874015588 Motorist Toyota Bz4x Launch Sp Group Borneo Motors 1The vehicle-sharing pilot is expected to launch in June 2023 with a range of up to eight electrified vehicle models from BMS. To book a vehicle, Tengah residents simply need to download the KINTO Share app, a self-service concept that offers on-demand car sharing services.

The SP App also allows drivers to locate the nearest charging point so they can easily charge their vehicle, track the charging progress and make the payment. Tengah residents will also enjoy preferential rental and charging rates to encourage trial and adoption of electrified vehicles.

Tengah residents seeking to take advantage of the car-sharing and leasing programmes at the new township will have access to this dynamic series of electrified vehicles to best choose the option that suits their requirements.

The hybrid vehicle range includes the following models: Yaris Cross, Corolla Altis, Camry, RAV4, Harrier, Sienta and the Alphard Welcab.Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1656874029204 Motorist Toyota Bz4x Launch Sp Group Borneo Motors 3Complementing the choice of hybrid vehicles, will be Toyota’s first dedicated battery electric vehicle – the Toyota bZ4X, which will make its debut in Singapore when the project launches next June.

This is in line with Toyota’s vision of ‘mobility for all’, which leverages a multiple pathway approach to carbon neutrality.

First of its kind Innovation and Experience Centre

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1656874052569 Motorist Toyota Bz4x Launch Sp Group Borneo Motors 4The partnership will also see the creation of an Innovation and Experience Centre within Tengah that will provide education and awareness on the future of mobility to encourage adoption of electrified vehicles. This centre aims to promote safer driving habits and cost-saving through energy efficiency.

By 2030, SP plans to install EV charging points in up to 10 per cent of all parking lots in Tengah Park, Garden and Plantation districts, contributing towards the national goal of 60,000 EV charging points.

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