15 Signs You're a Terrible Driver

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

Motorist Signs Terrible Driver(Photo Credit: Quick Meme)

If you exhibit any of these 15 signs, sorry, but you probably are a terrible driver.

Most Singaporean drivers will claim that Singapore has a poor driving culture, but what they fail to realize is that they too are part of the problem. While not aimed at anyone or group, you probably should reflect on your driving etiquette should you find any of these signs familiar. Check out our list below.

1) It Took You at Least Five Times to Pass Your Driving Test

You probably blamed road conditions, the car, or your tester for failing you.

2) Your Car Bumper Has Different Shades of Colour on Them

Some people collect cars, you collect the paint of other vehicles that you “langgar”.

3) You Always Forget to Use the Turn Signals

The only time you use them is when you want to “cut” queue. Speaking of which…

4) You Don’t Believe in Queuing

Why queue when you can cut the line in front. You did signal your intention to merge after all.

5) The Reason You Tailgate Is Because the Car in Front of You Is Not Driving Fast Enough

Because there is no better way to tell the car in front to drive faster or to switch lanes.

6) One Hand on the Wheel, the Other on Your Smartphone

You are the king/queen of multitasking and your WhatsApp conversation with your BFF/boss/dear is more important than the safety of yourself and your passengers.

7) You Think the Blind Spot Is a Myth

Just like the Loch Ness monster, you think the blind spot is a myth. Even if it does exist, you believe other motorists should be smart enough to avoid if they truly care about their own lives.

8) Your Friends Always Volunteer to Drive

No, they aren’t volunteering because of friendship. They volunteer because they are terrified of you getting behind the wheel.

9) When You Do Drive, Your Front-Seat Passenger Has to Act as a Second Pair of Eyes

Even after you insist on driving, someone still has to keep an eye on the road just in case.

10) You Get Honked by at Least One Other Motorist When Driving

Car rides just won’t be the same without getting honked (or flashed) by another driver.

11) You’ve Been in Multiple Accidents That “Aren’t Your Fault”

You swear that all the accidents you’ve been in were caused by the other driver. Just like SMRT, you have no guilt.

12) Backseat Passengers Wear Their Seat Belts Because You Frequently Jam the Brakes

Roller coasters rides are probably more predictable, and less terrifying, than your driving.

13) Your Car Has Appeared on ROADS.sg or Singapore Reckless Drivers

Even then, you probably think you’re some kind of superstar on the road.

14) You Expect Other Road Users to Give Way to You, but Not Vice Versa

Every road you drive on is your grandfather’s road.

15) You Think You Are the Best Driver on the Road, and Everyone Else on the Road Can’t Drive

In your mind, you’re an even better driver than Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso.

What are some other signs of a terrible driver? Let us know in the comments below.

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