​9 Things Singaporean Drivers Hate About Everyday Driving

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

Motorist Singaporean Drivers Hate (Photo Credit: Motoring Research)

If you’re a driver on Singapore's roads, you probably hate these 9 things.

Everyone has pet peeves while driving. For some it's tailgaters, for others are drivers who fail to signal or give way. In the following list, we highlight nine things that constantly annoy Singaporeans during their everyday commute. Check it out below and let us know if you agree with the list.

1) Road hoggers and Tailgaters

Tailgaters and road hoggers should technically come hand-in-hand. If there were no road hoggers, there probably wouldn't be any tailgaters.

The act of tailgating is never a good idea, even if someone is driving really slow. This rash act will get you to your destination earlier, but at the risk of getting into an accident with the car in front. Most pile-ups occur on the highway due to tailgating, so be patient and keep your distance.

As for road hoggers, please be mindful of other road users and drive within the given traffic speed or current road situation. If you're out on a leisurely drive, kindly use the other lanes except the extreme right lane, which is mainly used for overtaking.

2) Taking up two spaces in a parking lot

Motorist Singaporean Drivers Hate 1(Photo Credit: Stomp)

For some reason, BMW drivers tend to fall in this category. We get it, your expensive car is precious to you, but it doesn’t give you the right to take up two spaces in a parking lot. Kindly spare a thought for other drivers.

3) ERP

Motorist Singaporean Drivers Hate 2(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

As Singaporeans, there’s nothing we hate more than giving the government our hard-earned money. That’s the reason why most Singaporean drivers will glance at their In-Vehicle Unit (IU) and let out a sigh whenever they hear that familiar “beep”.

4) Initial D Drivers


(Photo Credit: McGowan Hood)

From revving their engines to their abhorrent driving etiquette, these drivers tend to treat the roads like an arcade game. When spotted on the road, most Singaporean drivers tend to roll their eyes or scoff at them behind the wheel.

5) Drivers who fail to signal

Possibly one of the greatest pet peeve of Singaporean drivers are motorists who fail to signal. The simple act of signalling is the only form of communication that us drivers have with one other. By failing to signal and abruptly cutting into someone's lane, you are endangering the lives of several people. There's a reason why most drivers will react angrily when someone suddenly cuts into their lane without signalling.

6) Horn-y Drivers

These drivers will honk at the cars in front the moment the traffic light turns green. A real annoyance on the road. Be patient and give drivers a second or two to react.

7) Cyclists

Np 20160923 Ilbike23 C0 J 1392036
(Photo Credit: The New Paper)

Cyclists are quickly becoming the new taxi drivers of the roads. Not all of them deserve the hate but there are some who errantly break traffic rules or simply lack road awareness. Yes, Singapore is moving towards a car-lite society, but please be more mindful of other road users.

8) Drivers who won't give way

Shutterstock 444759262 144x144 0 0 323 323

(Photo Credit: Psychology Today)

These drivers will not let you pass even if you've signaled your intention to filter into their lane. They often make driving in Singapore rather unpleasant.

9) Jaywalkers

Zebra crossings and pedestrian crossings were built for a reason, to give pedestrians safe passage while crossing the road. If you decide to gamble with your life and cross the road without using them, please do not point fingers at motorists should you get into an accident.

What are some other driving pet peeves that tick you off? Let us know in the comments below.

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