Hyundai’s Contactless Test Drive EVs now available for Pickup at Selected Condos

Published by on . Updated on 28 Jan 2022

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1643099963061 Hyundai%E2%80%99s Contactless Test Drive E Vs Now Available For Pickup At Selected Condos Featured(Photo Credit: Hyundai Singapore Komoco Motors)

Komoco Motors is collaborating with Charge+ to provide condominiums with Hyundai Electric Motion, a contactless test drive experience that is aligned with Singapore’s ambition for an eco-friendly future.

As society shifts towards greener alternatives for transportation, more still needs to be done to convince those who are on the fence to make the switch to either an EV or a Hybrid. Hyundai's practical test drives though, might just be sufficient to do the trick in changing mindsets.

The collaboration between Komoco and Charge+ aims to help convince the population to use renewable energy sources. Customers will get a flexible and convenient first-hand experience with an EV, to determine if owning one is a feasible option for them.

As the safety of the customers is of utmost priority, the test drive activity is set to be completely contactless in lieu of the current COVID situation.

Proliferating Local EV Trends

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1643099976574 Hyundai%E2%80%99s Contactless Test Drive E Vs Now Available For Pickup At Selected Condos 2(Photo Credit: Hyundai Singapore Komoco Motors)

This initiative began with Hyundai and their official distributor in Singapore, Komoco. Flexible and convenient test drives can be booked online, with drivers then picking up the test drive EVs at nearby supported Shell petrol stations.

This concept is innovative as it enables drivers to have a well-rounded experience of electric vehicles and their charging process. There's no pre-determined test drive route here - the car can be driven on one's typical commute.

Small Steps towards the future

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1643099987163 Hyundai%E2%80%99s Contactless Test Drive E Vs Now Available For Pickup At Selected Condos 3(Photo Credit: Hyundai Singapore Komoco Motors)

Charge+ and Komoco have enjoyed a strong partnership, driven by their common mission to encourage EV adoption in Singapore. With a rise in demand for EVs among condominium residents, Charge+ is integrating EV charging infrastructure in condominiums backed strongly with LTA’s support.

Hyundai has had EV options locally since 2017, and their new partnership with Charge+ Pte Ltd will allow select condominium residents to book contactless test drives of Hyundai EVs. Each session is 60-minutes long, and you can reserve your slot through the Hyundai Electric Motion website.

Safety First

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1643099997016 Hyundai%E2%80%99s Contactless Test Drive E Vs Now Available For Pickup At Selected Condos 4(Photo Credit: Hyundai Singapore Komoco Motors)

In lieu of the recent pandemic, the cars are kept santised, with the installed Eco Pure Room’s Coronavirus Continual Sanitisation Vehicle Kit. This product is safe and odourless, and would sanitise the car every 20 seconds to kill airborne microbes and all other surfaces.

The contactless test drive booking slots also have hourly blocks between them, therefore ensuring that drivers can complete their contactless test drive without meeting the next party.

How does it work?

Open to the public, drivers can book a 60-minute test drive through the Hyundai Electric Motion website by following the steps below: 

  1. Select your preferred location, date and time. Then click 'Search'. 
  2. Available test drive vehicle(s) will be shown on screen. 
  3. Select your preferred vehicle 
  4. Re-select another date or time if your preferred vehicle and slot is not available

Alternatively, you can watch the tutorial video below for a more precise step-by-step guide on how it works:

(Video Credit: Hyundai Singapore Komoco Motors)

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