8 Lucky Number Plates for a Prosperous Year of the Tiger

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Planning to start your Lunar New Year on the right foot? Boost your 'Feng Shui' with these eight lucky number plates!

A new year represents a fresh start, and an opportunity for individuals to make big changes. These can be fraught with equal parts risk and adventure, though it can also lead to breakthroughs and progress. 

For some additional divine guidance, here are eight lucky number plates to consider to further enhance your wealth and prosperity in the Year of the Tiger!

Some Quick And Fast Rules

Let’s start the year right by adhering to the common cultural rules of Feng Shui and get us right on track to being prosperous, so we can ‘Huat Big’ this year.

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In a nutshell, Feng Shui blends environmental energies with an individual soul. Contrary to popular belief, numbers actually play an important role in this aspect, as auspicious numbers help create positive ‘chi’. Unfavourable numbers have the opposite effect.

For instance, four is an unlucky number as its pronunciation is similar to the word ‘death’ (死, si in Mandarin, or ‘sei’ in Cantonese). The number 8 (八, ba) is a prosperous number because it is phonetically similar to 发 (fa) in Mandarin or ‘Huat’ in Hokkien.

1) 8888

An all-time favourite. As mentioned above, the number '8' sounds similar to '发' in Mandarin (good fortune in this context). Having this desirable number repeated four times is a symbolism of having an abundance of wealth!

2) 5858

The number '5' (五, hu) sounds similar to the Mandarin word for ‘tiger’. As such, the enunciation of '5858' is very close to the meaning of 'tigers prospering'. You can take it to mean having an auspicious Year of the Tiger ahead!

3) 8833

In Mandarin, '3' has a pronunciation very similar to that of '升' (rise, keep rising). '8833' therefore, represents the overcoming of limits to achieve one's potential. It can also take the meaning of individuals conquering obstacles to rise above adversity!

4) 3308

'3308' is an exceptionally optimistic permutation. You read the Mandarin of these numbers in a very similar way to '生生定发', which loosely translates to having a prosperous life in every incarnation. 

5) 1688

The '1' in this context means one in Mandarin (一, yi). '6' has a similar sound to '流' (liu), which means 'flow', or '樂' (look), which stands for ‘happiness’ in Cantonese. With this combination, you are sure to obtain the happiness and a good ‘flow of fortune’ into your life this coming year!

6) 1898

1 can also be pronounced as ‘yao’ in mandarin. Enunciating 1898 in Mandarin sounds similar to ‘you will prosper when you want to prosper’. Great representative for the hustling individuals out there who are working hard in the year of the tiger to achieve their dreams!

7) 1788

When '1' (一, yi) and '7' (七, qi) are put back-to-back, the resultant sound is similar to the the Mandarin meaning of ‘together’. We already know what the '8s' stand for. Combined, it means ‘being prosperous together’  recommended for the business-minded, as well as the newly-married couples out there!

8) 8899

The number 9 (九, jiu) has a similar pronunciation to the word ‘long’ in Mandarin. As such, the number ‘8899’ has a similar enunciation in Mandarin as ‘prosper for a long time’.

Fortune Favours The Brave

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Don't like the permutations in this article? Top tip - try having the number '8' within your car plate combination to make you prosper in the Year of the Tiger!

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