Car Feng Shui 2022: 8 Tips to ‘Huat’ in the Year of the Tiger

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Looking to boost your wealth and luck in the Year of the Tiger? Follow these 8 Car Feng Shui tips to start the new year on the right gear.

With the Lunar New Year just around the corner, many of us are preparing for the customary annual spring cleaning of our house to ward off negative energy and bad luck.

While it may be uncommon, doing the same for your car might not be such a bad idea, especially for those of you who spend hours behind the wheel.

Besides benefitting from a cleaner car, a thorough cleaning of your steed might help get rid of excess negativity and bad luck while driving.

Without further ado, here are 8 tips to improve the feng shui of your car.

1) Clean the Clutter

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Clutter is public enemy number one when it comes to feng shui as it creates stress, tension, and depression. By clearing your car of unnecessary items and rubbish, it allows trapped negative energy to flow freely.

If necessary, do go the extra step of vacuuming the nooks and crannies of your car to remove dust, food particles or dirt. Pay special attention to under your seats, the car boot, the creases of your seats, side pockets, cup holders, and glove compartment as these areas are rarely cleaned by most.

2) Wash Your Windows

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Windows are an essential part of your car’s feng shui, so keeping the glass and mirrors clean and shiny is definitely a plus. 

Furthermore, it enhances your visibility on the road, which promotes safety, and allows sunlight and natural energy to be absorbed by you while driving. Use a glass cleaner spray on the car windshield to remove grime and dirt.

3) Drive with the Windows Down

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Instead of driving with the windows up, do consider getting some fresh air once in a while by winding the windows down. Doing so should help rid your car cabin of any negative energy.

If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, try taking deep breaths and you should feel calmer while driving. If possible, try to pick more scenic routes to boost the overall serenity of your drive.

4) Wash Your Car

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Driving around in a dirty car can be frustrating for both you and your passengers. The aesthetic of your car will also suffer. Instead of feeling frustrated, take time to wash your car and make it something you find appealing and attractive to own and be seen in. 

Having good hygiene is a huge bonus to your car's feng shui, considering the number of hours one spends behind the wheel.

Simply washing the car with a mild soap and sponge can make a huge difference to your ride and will definitely help enhance your mood.

5) Play Soothing Music

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Tuning in to relaxing and positive music while driving can enhance your mood and make you feel more optimistic and energetic. 

Playing music with positive messages in the lyrics or soothing instrumental melodies is also a great way to keep yourself in good spirits. If possible, try to avoid harbouring negative thoughts while driving.

6) It Smells Like Positivity

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Enhance your mood with soothing scents from natural incense or an oil diffuser. Car fresheners with calming, natural scents serve a similar purpose in enhancing the olfactory experience in your car, which in turn helps to boost your chi. 

If possible, try to avoid fragrances with harsh or artificial chemicals in their ingredients.

7) Keep Yourself Hydrated

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Keep connected to the elements and remain well-hydrated by keeping a bottle of fresh water in your car while driving. It’s healthy as it improves your bodily functions which in turn keeps you in an upbeat energetic mood and aids in maintaining your focus while on the road.

In case you didn't know, water represents clarity and thoughtfulness in feng shui, which may help drivers improve their road awareness. 

8) Eliminate Vehicle Problems

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There's a saying that you shouldn't bring problems into the new year. The same applies to any problems or ailments that your car is facing.

Instead of procrastinating or delaying the inevitable, head to your preferred workshop and get those problems fixed before celebrating the Lunar New Year. 

Besides improving feng shui, car problems may pose a serious danger to your safety. Thus it is best to not leave it unattended.

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