5 Unique Ways to Earn Extra Income With Your Vehicle

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Car ownership will always be an expensive endeavour in Singapore. Offset some of that cost by earning a few extra bucks with your car through atypical means!

Combing the internet will reveal that there are many different services which you can provide with your vehicle - this naturally translates into a vast array of strategies to generate some extra income with your car. 

Here are five simple ways that we have discovered that will come in handy for drivers to make full use of their vehicles to offset the monthly expenses!

1. Amazon Flex

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E-Commerce has enjoyed huge growths in the last few years, and couriers may be struggling to keep up. This is why they are scrambling to get as much manpower as they possibly can to expedite the delivery process. They are also seeking for a low-commitment (think no full-time contract or loads of van rental paperwork) solutions, which is why drivers with their own vehicles are in huge demand.

And it's possible to earn a decent payout by capitalising on this opportunity. AmazonFlex SG promises that most of its agents can earn around SGD $21-26 an hour, which is decently lucrative. All you need to do, is to firstly sign-up with Amazon Flex, and then pick up and drop off parcels - simple as that!

2. Car Rental with DriveLah
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(Photo Credit: DriveLah)

If you are not keen on selling your car right now, even if you may find yourself working from home the majority of the month, consider renting out your car. The vehicle that would otherwise be sitting at the car park doing nothing can actually make some great returns! 

While you are able to directly provide peer-to-peer car rentals via various marketplace apps, these arrangements tend to not be legal, which can create eye-watering repair bills should there be an accident. Which is why you should stick to platforms that provide adequate cover for this very purpose.

One great platform that promotes such income opportunities is DriveLah. Simply sign up for an account, input your car's make and model, and you'd be ready to go!

3. Car Pooling with GrabHitch

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A grossly overlooked way of generating some extra income. GrabHitch is designed around reducing carbon emissions, incentivising car owners to ferry passengers headed for the same end destination as they are. Commuters pay less as compared to a regular Private-Hire ride, and drivers get a handy chunk of change that can more-than-comfortably cover their total transport expenditure for the day.

Unlike the other services that require a touch more commitment, GrabHitch allows you to still make your journey as you normally would, the only difference being having to make small detours at the start and conclusion of your drives to drop the carpooling passengers off. The cumulative extra income, if you decide to do this everyday, does actually add up to a decent monthly side income!

4. NinjaVan Courier Delivery

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1643167425793 5 Unique Ways To Earn Extra Income With Your Vehicle 6(Photo Credit: NinjaVan)

You can own a car, van, or bike, and you'd all still be eligible to sign-up for NinjaVan. There's only one main criteria that they're looking out for - a good driving record, as the company is adamant about providing high-quality deliveries.

A van is a massive bonus, as their services are typically in higher demand by the courier companies. As with the other delivery solutions in this list, joining NinjaVan's community in delivering parcels to customers will help you to turn your vehicle into a money-making machine!

5. Using The Motorist App

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You can't technically use the Motorist app to earn a quick buck. What you can do with it though, is be reminded on when you need to pay for your car-related expenses, as well as receive alerts on where there may be congestion, incidents or even hidden traffic snipers.

Our motor directory also plays host to a plethora of capable workshops, which can offer competitive rates for your car-related woes. If you're looking to buy or sell your car - we got you covered too.

Again, while you may not be directly profiting from using the app, a popular saying goes 'a dollar saved is a dollar earned'. Having competitive workshop offers, avoiding fines and getting a better deal when it comes time to buy or sell your car - our app really does help you to cut down on car expenditure!

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