Michigan-Based Startup's Battery Achieves 1,210km On One Charge

Published by on . Updated on 10 Jan 2022
Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1641450096920 Michigan Based Startup Battery Completes 752 Miles In Single Charge

(Photo Credit: InsideEVs)

Our Next Energy (ONE) has developed a battery capable of achieving 752 Miles (1,210km) on a single charge.

The prototype battery is a proof-of-concept developed by ONE, a company based in Michigan, USA. The test was conducted across the state of Michigan at an average speed of 55mph (88km/h). 

With the battery fitted to a modified Tesla Model S, the car was able to achieve 882 miles (1,419 km). A vehicle dynamometer test done by a third party validated the claim. 

Lower EV Adaptation Rates

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1641451063734 Michigan Based Startup Battery Achieves 752 Miles On One Charge(Photo Credit: Automotive News)

The pack, dubbed as the "Gemini", has been designed to eliminate range as a barrier to electric vehicle adoption. It is significantly more energy-dense, storing up to twice the capacity of the original battery in the same overall space.

Most EVs today are not able to withstand sustained high speeds or power demands, extreme weather or towing trailers. These are factors that can reduce an EV's range by up to 35%. Without further battery advancements, the only other realistic way to solve the issue of sub-par range is to add more charging stations.

However, as charging is time-consuming, expect to see long queues for charging stations when EVs are adopted by the masses. And even then, most may not be able to sufficiently charge their EVs, with the average consumer stopping once every 150 miles (240km) to recharge their cars.

ONE's new battery aims to solve the issue by mitigating range anxiety and the need to stop and recharge while simultaneously making an electric vehicle the consumer's only vehicle. 

Production of their first product, Aries, will begin in late 2022, and a production prototype Gemini battery will be showcased in 2023.

You can visit ONE's website here for more information.

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