A Guide to the Different HDB Season Parking Schemes

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We've all seen them - lots at HDB carparks painted with red markings that demarcate its status as resident-only parking. 

But did you know HDB allows you to legally in these lots, even if you do not live at said residence? Of course, this comes with a couple of caveats...

Caveats that we'll explain as we delve into each of the different types of HDB season parking in this article!

Season Parking

Quite possibly the most straightforward of all the parking schemes. Essentially, you are allowed to apply for season parking at the HDB carparks at your residence.

There are a couple of factors that will ultimately determine the final cost of your season parking. This includes a tier-based pricing scheme, in which a residential address' first car will be classified as Tier 1, and any subsequent cars being listed as Tier 2 and at a premium. 

The location and type of carpark you're purchasing the season parking for will also affect the ultimate price.

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Season parking is charged on a monthly basis (you can pay for multiple months in advance), and in non-prime carparks, non-residents can apply for season parking too. In this instance, your car will automatically be classified and billed as a Tier 2 vehicle. 

Family Season Parking (FSP)

If you happen to infrequently visit your family members, but spend prolonged periods at their residence, shelling out for Family Season Parking may be a cost-effective way to pay for your parking. 

There are a few key differences to non-resident season parking as mentioned above though. Firstly, to be eligible for this scheme, the car in question will need to have a valid HDB season parking at another address.

You'll then also have to prove your relationship with your family member before applying for a Family Season Parking. 

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But why go through all the hassle if you can simply apply for Tier 2, non-resident season parking? Well, the FSP scheme costs roughly half of what your regular season parking would cost, provided there are parking spaces available. 

Bereaved Family Temporary Parking

If there is a death in the immediate family, members can apply for temporary parking for a few hours or days for the funeral processions. 

These are paid on a daily basis and the cost only applies to cars. The charges are as follows:

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Season Parking For Commercial Vehicles

Generally, HDB does not grant approval for commercial vehicles 1,800kgs or heavier. However, if your vehicle is dimensionally compatible with the lots drawn up for cars, you can still apply, and approval will be granted on a case-by-case basis. 

The weight limit has been imposed as heavier duty vehicles tend to be less refined, making them less suitable and more unsafe for parking in residential areas. They can also disturb the peace and ambience of the estate. 

Once your application is approved, the charges are calculated based on your unladen weight. Here are the charges: 

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Do note that commercial vehicles with an unladen weight of under 1,800 kilograms will be subjected to the same charges as a normal passenger car. 

How to Apply

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HDB allows users the option of using e-services or its mobile application.

For the former, you can submit your documentation via Singpass. Access HDB's sub-site and fill up the Application of New Season Parking e-service form, before making payment by Credit, Direct Debit or GIRO.

For mobile applications, HDB has developed the Mobile@HDB app to help pay for your Season Parking. Payment methods are the same as using e-services. 

To apply for Bereaved Family Temporary Parking, a death certificate would need to be produced to the HDB Branch or Service Center.

As for Commercial Vehicles, the process of applying is the same as normal vehicles.

An Easier Way to Renew
Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1641364967007 Motorist Hdb Season Parking Know Hows How To Renew Season Parking

You can apply for season parking for up to a 12 month period. If you're afraid that you'd forget when your season parking is due - fret not!

The Motorist App will remind you when your season parking is about to expire. Once you have received the reminder, a tap of a button allows you to renew your season parking through the app. The season parking feature will redirect you to the HDB website where you can easily renew your season parking!

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1641364934352 Motorist Hdb Season Parking Know Hows Motorist App

Transfer and Termination

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If you’re moving to a new HDB or car park, you can either transfer season parking, or terminate it if you're selling your car.  

You can do the former via HDB's e-services (click Permanent Transfer of Season Parking), or through the HDB App. To terminate your season parking, use the same e-services portal, and select the 'Termination of Season Parking' option. 

Any value from unused season parking days will be refunded.

No More Fuss

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As mentioned above, you can use our handy Motorist App to aid you in your season parking renewal! There's a convenient option on the app itself, that will directly link you to the necessary portals to process your season parking application!

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