The 7 Types of Drivers You’ll Find in a Traffic Jam

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

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Traffic jams are a test of character and it will often reveal a lot about the person behind the wheel. In this article, we'll be taking a look at the seven types of drivers you’ll find in a traffic jam.

Traffic jams, we've all been there. If you're lucky, you won't have to wait long to exit a side road. But in serious cases, you might be trapped for a long time. Everyone has their own reaction to a jam, and how you react actually says a lot about your personality. Which of these seven personalities are you? Read on to find out!

1. The Raging Beast

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Pointless traffic jam wasting your precious time? Rage Mode: ON. You're very affected by this delay, and you're not afraid to let people know it. You express your anger by persistently hammering your horn. In more severe cases, you might even wind down the window to give someone a piece of your mind.

You could be a perfectly nice and calm person in everyday life, but there's something about waiting in a jam that triggers the monster inside of you. You wear your heart on your sleeve, and you're never afraid to let people know how you're feeling. You also value your time and hate meaningless waste.

2. The Aspiring Speechmaker

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Traffic jams drive you up the wall, but rather than express it to other drivers, you prefer to rant to your passengers. You might have a long list of reasons why this jam is happening right now, plus elaborations for each one. When you're really angry, your speeches can easily last over an hour, and you often continue to express your frustration even after you're out of the jam. You're probably the kind of person who likes to find an explanation when bad things happen to you, and when you've figured something out, you want to tell other people about it too.

3. The Silent Pressure Cooker

Angry woman steam ears(Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

On the outside, you're totally calm, but inside, you're fuming mad at the situation. You keep all your anger down and stay quiet, perhaps waiting until the jam is over to take out your rage elsewhere. No matter how annoyed you are, you don't believe in explosive displays of emotion, and would prefer not to react until the problem has passed.

You're naturally not an expressive person, but it doesn't mean you don't have feelings. Those close to you probably know that when you go silent, it's actually a sign of danger. The minute you're out of the jam, you're slamming on the accelerator to make up for lost time—and to vent your rage at last.

4. The Social Media Personality

Woman Taking A Selfie (Photo Credit: Public Domain Pictures)

Your smartphone comes out the second your car is pulled to a slow stop with a sea of vehicles ahead. Time to post a traffic jam selfie, and live-tweet the whole situation until it's resolved. All your followers know exactly why the jam is happening, how bad the jam is, and which area to avoid. You probably enjoy sharing about your life, and often try to make something entertaining out of a bad day. You also keep up-to-date with the digital age—you're not one to be left behind!

5. The Cheerful Peacemaker

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Stuck in a jam for hours? That's okay, you can always use the time to listen to some music or have a catch-up session with your passengers! You never get worked up about traffic issues, because there is not much you can do to change things. Cheering up everyone in the car is how you prefer to spend your time and energy, and you're tolerant of whatever is causing the delay.

You're naturally a positive and upbeat person, and you don't like to engage in conflict. You also have a lot of patience, and tend to look for alternative ways to make use of your time instead of really letting it go completely to waste.

6. The Constant Worrier

Stress Stressed Man Person Man Headache (Photo Credit: Max Pixel)

You start panicking the second you see the pile-up from a distance. You instantly ask yourself the following questions: What's going on? How long will the jam take? What if I'm late for work? How long will my wife and kids have to wait for me to pick them up? Clearly, you're not a person who deals well with disruptions. There's also a high chance of you turning on the radio to listen for updates, and whipping out your phone to google for traffic information.

It's not that you enjoy worrying, it's just that you tend to overthink quite a lot. You probably cope better when there's someone with you in the car to reassure you.

7. The Super-Planner

man phone driving car (Photo Credit: Flickr)

You're the one with a super-tight schedule that's going to need immediate rearranging if you're delayed even by five minutes. It doesn't take long before you're on your phone, texting everyone to tell them you'll be late, cancelling other appointments later, and making tons of alternate arrangements. Even though you don't like having your plans disrupted, you're good at staying calm and looking for ways to resolve the situation.

You're probably a very efficient person. People might call you a control freak at times, but when problems crop up and planning needs to get done, you're a great person to have on hand.

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