Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) Still Required to Enter Malaysia

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The Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ) has clarified in an email that a vehicle entry permit (VEP) is still required to enter Malaysia.

The last update we got regarding the VEP was that it was delayed due to technical issues. However, the measure is still very much in effect.

For those planning to drive into Malaysia when the Causeway opens, you are still required to apply for a VEP via the official VEP portal before making your trip. Presently, travel is severely limited, with only dedicated VTL buses being allowed to enter.

Applying for VEP

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Do note that the only way to apply for a VEP is through the VEP portal. You will also need to create and register an account, which can be used for current and any future cars you might own. 

Once your account has been created, you will need to register your vehicle and personal details. The process can be simplified by downloading the PDF version of your Log Card from LTA and uploading it to the form.

After your vehicle is registered, a confirmation should be sent to your registered email account. Since the RFID-VEP tags can't be collected presently, this confirmation slip may be used upon entry into Malaysia when the landers borders eventually open.

Alternatively, you may also use your Touch ‘N Go card to enter Malaysia. According to JPJ, the collection of the RFID-VEP tag will be announced at a later date, which is likely when the Covid situation improves.

Current travel measures

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On Tuesday, 14 December 2021, the government announced that both Singaporean and Malaysian Citizens would be allowed to travel to both countries starting 20 December, albeit still under a strict testing regimen.

However, travel to Malaysia can still only be done via designated VTL (Land) bus services. That might change soon depending on the discussions between the Singapore and Malaysian governments.

For the full list of conditions for the land VTL, please click here. Alternatively, you may download the Motorist App and join our ongoing VEP discussion in the Motorist Community Car Group.

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