5 Recommended Paint Protection Film Installation Workshops in Singapore

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Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1638344581302 Motorist 5 Recommended Workshops Paint Protection Film Installation Featured(Photo Credit: Magnus Pro Singapore)

Car paint deteriorates over time, and you would want to be keeping your car looking brand new for longer.

That said, finding reputable workshops to take care of your paint and bodywork can prove to be an arduous task, with complaints of unreliable paint film protection running rampant throughout the local car community.

Therefore if you want reliable ways to keep your car spick and span, or to go for an aesthetic upgrade, here are five workshops we recommend for paint protection film installation.

Magnus Pro Singapore

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1638337474452 5 Recommended Paint Protection Film Installation Workshops In Singapore(Photo Credit: Magnus Pro Singapore)

Magnus Pro is a renowned brand and is one of the most trusted in the global automotive market. Serving in 20 different countries, the brand has protected over 10,000 vehicles, worth over $500,000,000 in protected assets.

Its paint protection films have been tested extensively for maximum durability and superb protection. Boasting the thickest films available in the market at 215 microns, it provides superior hydrophobic properties owing to embedded ceramic coating. 

Magnus Pro has also developed its very own cutting software, Magnus Pro Intelligence. Pre-cut patterns are hewn accurately, mitigating the risk of paint damage that comes with traditional hand cutting. With over 100,000 patterns available, it is one of the most comprehensive cutting softwares available in the world.

Each film has various key features such as self-healing properties, hydrophobic functions and insane clarity, which means rock chips and repainting will no longer be a concern.

Their signature packages include Magnus Pro Optimum Paint Protection Film for all-around protection, Magnus Pro Matte Paint Protection Film for those looking for a more textured matte finish, and Magnus Pro Black Paint Protection Film for a glossy black finish.

Magnus Pro Singapore
Address: 25 Kaki Bukit Rd 4, #06-59 Synergy @ KB, Singapore 417800 
Opening Hours: 9am to 6pm (Tuesday to Sunday, Closed on Monday)

New Age Polish

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1638260466576 Motorist 5 Recommended Workshops Paint Protection Film Installation New Age(Photo Credit: New Age Polish)

For a brand that has only been around since 2015, it has garnered praise from many local car owners. New Age Polish services are guaranteed to be good as their supplier is STEK, one of the most reputable brands in the paint protection film industry. 

New Age Polish offers three types of paint protection films: Clear bra, fashion films, and window films. STEK DYNOshield, under its Clear bra films, offers maximum protection whilst being easy to clean. It also features self-healing properties, capable of shielding your car paint against environmental damages.

If you want your paint protection film to be fashionable, New Age Polish also offers three different selections under its DYNO series; DYNOPrism for a glittery finish, DYNOMatt for a matt feel and DYNOCarbon for a carbon fibre look. 

New Age Polish doesn't just supply paint protection film. They also provide other services such as glass-ceramic coating, car wash, interior vacuum cleaning and car grooming. Needless to say, it's a one-stop solution for all your car grooming needs. 

New Age Polish
Address: 11 Yishun Industrial Street 1, #01-112 North Spring Bizhub, Singapore 768089 
Opening Hours: 9am to 6pm (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday to Sunday, Closed on Wednesday)

5D Solutions

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1638243345847 5 Recommended Paint Workshops For Paint Protection Film(Photo Credit: 5D Solutions)

5D Solutions is another brand that has been garnering positive reception as of late. With 6 years of experience, it has served over 2,000 vehicles with a 5-star rating on Facebook.

Their paint protection products are similar to New Age Polish in that they both use STEK products. Therefore, you know you'll be getting your money's worth. 

They also offer the same services as New Age Polish, such as STEK DYNOshield for maximum protection, aesthetic fashion films as well as window protection and tints. Additionally, they also offer the three aforementioned DYNO series films.

5D Solution does provide other services as well, such as various ceramic coatings, interior and exterior restoration as well as pest fumigation.

If you’re staying in the west and in need of a reputable workshop for paint protection installation, do visit 5D Solution.

5D Solution
Address: 7 Soon Lee Street, #01-26 iSPACE, Singapore 627608 
Opening Hours: 9am to 6pm (Monday to Saturday, Closed on Sunday)


Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1638255214548 5 Recommended Paint Workshops For Paint Protection Film(Photo Credit: Mrrjestic)

Although Mrrjestic is more well-known for their car wraps rather than their paint protection films, they still do a fine job in other car grooming services. Car enthusiasts and new car owners, this could be your go-to workshop for wraps and car protection.

Afraid of other shops using a blade to apply the film on your precious ride? No problem! Mrrjestic prides itself in using XPEL pre-cut paint protection films on vehicles, meaning that there isn't a physical blade involved in the application process.

The market is notorious for producing pseudo-XPEL paint protection films which don't protect the car at all. You can rest assured that Mrrjestic uses genuine XPEL PPFs. Regardless, research should be done on XPEL's official website before choosing an installer.

As the authorised dealer for XPEL, Mrrjestic offers two types of paint protection films, Ultimate Plus (Gloss) and Stealth (Matte), for your desired finish.

If you want wraps or paint protection films with a more fashionable flair, head over to Mrrjestic.

Address: 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, 01-60, Singapore 569139 
Opening Hours: 11am to 8pm (Monday to Sunday)

WrapStyle By Hyper21

Editors%2 Fimages%2 F1638255264425 5 Recommended Paint Workshops For Paint Protection Film(Photo Credit: WrapStyle by Hyper 21)

WrapStyle by Hyper 21 is an international design company that was founded in 2012 and has more than 25 workshops around the world. Besides paint protection film installation, they also offer a plethora of services such as car wrapping, window tinting, ceramic coating and designingYou may rest assured knowing that their services meet the highest quality standards and professionalism in the industry.

Spreading high-quality service combined with superior customer care around the world is their ethos. WrapStyle by Hyper 21 is also a qualified installer of Hexis BodyFence paint protection film in Singapore

The BodyFence paint protection film has been designed to be exceptionally anti-shock with self-healing properties. This minimises the chances of scratches and damages from the elements and road debris to provide the most ideal protection for your car. 

It also keeps outdoor pollution, minor scratches, oxidation, acid rain, bird droppings and gravel at bay! In addition, the film facilitates cleaning by preventing dirt from adhering to the paint, keeping your vehicle appearance forever young!

WrapStyle by Hyper 21
24 Leng Kee Road, #04-03B, Singapore 159096 
913 Bukit Timah Road (Inside Nissan Service Centre Premises), Singapore 589623
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 9am – 6pm

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