Driver's Paradise: Upper Peirce Reservoir

Published by on . Updated on 18 May 2020

Upper Peirce Reservoir sign

Looking for an escape in Singapore? This week’s episode of Driver’s Paradise, we explore Upper Peirce Reservoir, a perfect spot to soak up the tranquility of nature!

Upper Peirce Reservoir used to form one big reservoir, together with Lower Peirce Reservoir, at the source of the Kallang River. But in 1970, Singapore's increasing demand for water caused another dam to be built, enlarging the reservoir and splitting it into Upper and Lower Peirce. Today, Upper Peirce Reservoir is Singapore's largest reservoir. Quietly nestled beside a rich green forest, it's a great place to catch a rare glimpse of wildlife and just enjoy some peace away from the busy city. Here's what you can do at this Driver's Paradise!

1. For Children

Keep an eye out for some animal friends!

Upper Peirce Reservoir

Upper Peirce Reservoir monkeys

Upper Peirce Reservoir is full of interesting flora and fauna—it's a good chance to cultivate your children's inner animal-lover! Both the waterfront and the forest are hot spots for birdwatching, housing a wide range of birds from the majestic eagle to the colourful kingfisher. Trying to spot these birds does take quite a lot of waiting and watching, but when you finally hear a bird-call, or spot those feathers up in the forest branches, it's truly rewarding. There are information boards around the park to teach the kids some interesting facts about the birds they are spotting, so it'll be educational for them as well.

On top of that, you will almost certainly be able to observe some monkeys as they go about their day. The reservoir is home to many monkey families, and they aren't afraid of humans. Children will likely be thrilled by this rare exposure to animal life outside of the zoo! But be sure to take some safety precautions as the monkeys can be aggressive if you get too close to them. Try to stay at least 1.5m away from the monkeys, and do not take out any food or attempt to feed them. From a safe distance, however, it can be an enriching experience you won't get in your everyday life.

Chill out with a fun family picnic!

Upper Peirce Reservoir waterfront

The waterfront at Upper Peirce Reservoir is surrounded by many gorgeous green slopes that are perfect for a family picnic. You can have some heart-to-heart chats while enjoying your snacks and gazing out at the amazing scenery! In our modern lifestyle where the whole family is busy during the week, it's good to have some time to slow down and just savour a meal together while getting back in touch with nature.
2. For Adults

Take in some fresh air and exercise!

Upper Peirce Reservoir jogging track

The park is a popular spot with joggers and cyclists. There are long paths by the waterfront that are perfect for getting some exercise, and breathing in the fresh natural air. After weeks of driving from place to place, it's good to get your lungs pumping and your limbs moving. The reservoir and surrounding parkland make a beautiful environment for exercise that's much better than you'll find in the gym! Even if you don't want to stress out with heavy exercise, the shimmering water and lush greenery make the park a delightful place just to take a relaxing walk or even to sit and watch the sunset.

Get some beautiful scenery for photos!

Upper Peirce Reservoir rocks

For photography enthusiasts, Upper Peirce is a wonderful backdrop, plus a spot where there are many good opportunities for nature snapshots! The calm natural scenery and wide open spaces provide the kind of background that's hard to get in Singapore, and the rich flora and fauna that roam the reservoir will please any nature photographer! So bring along your camera when you drop by!
3. Why Upper Peirce Reservoir?

Upper Peirce Reservoir is a more secluded natural area in Singapore that will give you the kind of restful peace that you need after being immersed in the city's hustle and bustle. It's the perfect place to just relax as a family or to get some downtime by yourself. On top of that, nature lovers will adore the exposure to wildlife that's almost impossible to get anywhere else! There aren't many places left in Singapore where you can really get in touch with nature, but Upper Peirce Reservoir is one of them.

4. Where Is It?Upper Peirce Reservoir location google maps

Address: Along Old Upper Thomson Road

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