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SHINE SUPPLY Exterior Bundle

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Maintaining the exterior of your vehicle has never been simpler with the Shine Supply Exterior Bundle that combines high foaming action soap with a ceramic infused detailer that will clean, shine and protect your car's exterior all year long. These products show off its performance with the very first use!

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  • 500ml Hotshot

Hotshot with its unique, crazy foaming, high cleansing formula is tough on dirt and grime but still delicate enough to not strip off your wax or sealant. This pH neutral, highly concentrated soap produces loads of cherry scented suds in your wash bucket in the matter of seconds or create a whole wall of foam around your vehicle with a foam cannon, and does not remove existing protection.

  • 500ml Ignition

Clean, shine and protect in one easy step. Ignition is a silica infused waterless wash spray detailer that is excellent for cleaning light dust & grime off your vehicle’s exterior surfaces. This unique formula cleans, creates ridiculous shine and leaves the surface protected.

- Streak-free formula.

- Advanced silica nano technology.

- Leaves surface extremely slick and shiny.

- Exclusive surfactants and emulsifiers cut through dust and grime.

- Works on paint, glass & chrome.

- Excellent for ceramic coated OR non-coated vehicles.

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  • No refunds. 1-to-1 exchange if item is received in damaged condition

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  • No refunds. 1-to-1 exchange if item is received in damaged condition


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