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Motorist Code Decal


Want to make a positive difference on the roads? The Motorist Code decal serves as a commitment towards the code of conduct following the Japanese way of driving. *PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THE CODE*

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Have you missed that one last goodbye as a result of someone hogging the first lane? Don't you wish drivers here could just be a little more courteous?

That's what we are trying to change with The Motorist Code. If you've spent any amount of time driving overseas (say either in Malaysia or Japan), you'd have realized that their motorists operate their motor vehicles with a very different attitude to our own.

As a general rule of thumb, avoid using the overtaking lane on the expressway where possible, keeping it open only for its intended use. If you find yourself unfortunate enough to be held up whilst out and about, you may miss more than just that critical business lunch - it could also be the reason why you missed out on that last goodbye.

Which is why we'd like to spread the spirit of giving way with the Motorist Code of Conduct. It is a commitment to the following:

1) Even when I’m driving on the first lane at the speed limit, I will change lanes and give way when:

a) There is a big gap between myself and the vehicle ahead;
b) There is no gap between myself and the vehicle ahead but the vehicle behind me is signalling right to overtake me;

2) Remain calm and give way when high-beamed or horned at, if I did not pay attention and did not follow Point 1;

3) Show my appreciation with a one-second hazard light flicker when being given way to.

To signal to fellow road users that you adhere to this mantra, we've created The Motorist Code decal, which you are to affix on the external surface of your rear window for easy identification. Doing so means you are committed to the aforementioned code of conduct.

The entire $10 proceeds will be donated to Causes For Animals (Singapore) Limited.

Being respectful on the roads whilst helping others in need - shouldn't this be what humanity should embody?

Terms & Conditions

  • Do not purchase and put up the decal if you do not agree with the code


Based on 9 Reviews
Kim Meng
23 days ago
Anthony L
8 months ago
Paying it forward. Car culture is dying in SG with many feel that people with "LOUD" cars are just being arrogant but not all drivers are the same! Supporting this cause by having this sticker is showing that though I have a "faster" car, regards the speed I'm traveling, I'll give way to even faster cars cos what's there to lose when giving way to them.
Naren Krishnan
almost 2 years ago
I bought it because I support ARCES. Having driven in many countries, I have a very dismal view of Singapore drivers. Our drivers are among impatient and aggressive. With the attitude I see on our roads, many would have been beaten to a pulp in other countries. We won’t have to go too far just try to be the typical inconsiderate driver in Malaysia and see what happens.
Bernard Chia
almost 2 years ago
Raven Lee
about 2 years ago
about 2 years ago
Thomas Wong
about 2 years ago
We play a part as a Motorist to pay it forward
Sahrudeen Mohammad
about 2 years ago
about 2 years ago
I haven’t received any email for self collection.
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